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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

At the Hyperion, Fred complains to Gunn that she can't find anything about Satan in all their prophecies and stuff. They look up as Cordelia enters, and now she even looks pregnant to me. I'm not very observant, you know. But the wrap top is kind of a giveaway. Gunn asks if Cordy and Connor survived okay, and Cordy starts to say, "It was, uh..." Fred offers, "Scary, nasty, and nervous-making." Johanna fully expected that Cordy was going to get a punchline there like, "Not the way you mean, but yes." Instead, Cordy asks where Angel is, and Fred directs her to the office.

Cordy enters the office and asks if Angel has a minute. Angel shrugs, not looking at her. The stake-to-the-neck injury has left a little love bite on his neck. So, once again, his healing powers work in random ways. Although I could rationalize that whatever it is that makes stakes deadly to vampires might mean that non-fatal injuries take longer to heal. Whatever. Cordy wants to talk about Connor. Angel looks up and says, "I already know," then quickly walks out into the lobby. Cordy, relieved, follows him as she chirps that he's handling it better than she is. He eyes Gunn and Fred, then quietly asks, "Can we not do this right now?" before heading back into the office. Cordy insists, "The fact that this hell-beast you're all looking for crawled up out of the ground at the exact spot where your son was born seems precisely what we should be talking about right now." Phew, long sentence. Angel blinks at that news, causing Cordy to say, "You said you already knew." Angel -- who suddenly seems to be a lot swifter on the uptake than Cordy is -- quickly backpedals and insists that he does know, but it could be a coincidence. He asks if she thinks Connor is connected to Satan. She says no, "He's a sweetie-pie," ew. Angel asks why Cordy's telling him all this, then. Cordy declares, "Because your son stormed out this morning, and he really does believe it."

Wolfram & Hart nightvert. Gavin sets a cup of coffee on Lilah's desk as she talks on the phone. He offers her sugar, and she glares at him before telling whoever she's talking to, "Find that beast, or I swear to God I will..." Gavin whispers a suggestion: "Boil you alive." Lilah hisses at him to shut up, then continues, "...Boil. You. Alive." Hee. Gavin's so much more likable as Lilah's very own Smithers. Lilah hangs up and pretends to take a swig from the coffee cup even though it's either empty or she can chug half a venti without needing to swallow. Gavin reports, "Intel confirms that it was the creature that triggered the pyrotechnics last night. They're just not sure why he did it." Lilah theorizes that Satan doesn't really have an agenda beyond the usual destruction and mayhem. She says, "The Senior Partners want us to try and cut a deal with it," since they all have apocalyptic goals in common. "The Partners feel it might speed things along. Save a few bucks." It doesn't make sense, but even so, I like the joke of trying to bring the apocalypse in under budget. Gavin exits, but leaves the door open so that we know the scene isn't over. Sure enough, he backs into the office with Connor following him. Connor isn't walking backwards, though. You get what I mean, right? Connor shoves Gavin out of the way and tells Lilah, "I have questions." He says, "I want to know why I'm here. What I am." Lilah presses a button on the side of her desk as she happily agrees to help Connor. She runs through some non-invasive procedures they can do in the lab, and as a couple of guards enter, adds that after that, they can "slice [him] open and start pokin' around!" She makes it sound so fun! Connor does a nifty roundhouse punch that clobbers both guards, and then grabs Lilah by the neck. Uh oh. The last person who grabbed her that way was Wesley, and look how that turned out. Lilah is happy to reconsider any vivisection plans, and Connor explains, "That demon you're seeking -- I think I'm connected to it. I want to find out how." Lilah tells Gavin to get a copy of his report for Gavin, and then the lights go out. Connor lets go of Lilah and explains for the slow people in the audience: "It's here."

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