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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

Blipvert to day. The fire seems to have ceased raining. At the loft, Cordy wakes up and sees Connor in bed next to her. Her eyes widen, and she rolls over looking pretty bewildered. Connor stirs and leans over her shoulder to ask cheerfully, "Did the world end?" Is that the Quor-Toth version of asking if the earth moved? Oh, wait; he means literally. Cordy mutters, "Not exactly," and Connor kisses her shoulder and figures that's good news. Cordy tells him not to give her "the happy puppy look," because it makes things harder. Connor remains clueless as Cordy gives him the "last night will always be special" speech, finishing by declaring that their chess game was a one-time-only deal. Connor asks why, and Cordy sits up and says, "You're Angel's son. It rained fire last night -- never a good sign -- and a giant demony beast crawled out from the earth where you were born." Does that answer his question? Not really, but it does distract him back into thinking that he's connected to Satan. Cordy disagrees, saying, "I told you last night --" Connor snarks, "Yeah, you said a lot of things last night," and struggles to put on his pants without removing the sheet that's currently covering him. He continues whining that it's all his fault, while a baffled Cordelia tries to interrupt: "All I said was --" Connor finishes, "That I can't be with you." Then he grabs a shirt and stomps out.

Wesley is doing paperwork at his apartment when there's a knock on the door. It's Lilah, who sighs with relief on seeing him and then says, "Okay. I was just checking." He smiles slightly and admits that he's alive. "Not by much, from the looks of it," Lilah melodramas as she hugs him. Lilah, he's got a couple of bruises and scratches. It takes a lot more than that to kill Wesley, much to my chagrin. Lilah says that she spent the night at Wolfram & Hart, "the safest place to be in case of an apocalypse." Or so she thinks. She offers to make Wesley "feel better," and as usual he starts playing hard-to-get. Lilah makes the understatement of the decade: "Y'know, it's weird." Turns out she's just talking about the fact that Wesley's acting kinda cold toward her. Which is their standard mode, isn't it? How is that weird? Wesley says, "I can't do this anymore." Lilah doesn't take him seriously at first, but he continues, "After what I saw last night, I believe a day of reckoning has arrived." Lilah skips the obvious joke about how she can treat him to a rapture, and instead asks if he's rejoining the MoG. Wesley says, "I'm choosing a side." Lilah snarks, "And the girl of your dreams just happens to be on it. What are the odds?" Fifty-fifty, actually. Wesley says, "It's about right and wrong," and Lilah replies, "And you have such a clear grip on those concepts." Hee. Wesley breaks into "My Way" as he admits to a few errors. Lilah thinks for a second, then sidles up and admits, "I could wear the glasses again." Poor, poor Lilah. Wesley says, "Don't embarrass yourself," like it's not too late for that, adding, "There is a line, Lilah. Black and white. Good and evil." Wesley's obsession with straight lines might explain his attraction to Fred. Lilah goes on a stream-of-consciousness tirade about how together, black and white make gray, and how Fred doesn't wear gray, but, as a matter of fact, "she prefers black." With that, Lilah stomps out. I get the feeling that last line was written first, and the rest was written to set it up. It has that feel. Which I recognize from when I do the same thing.

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