Habeas Corpses

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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

Angel paws through stuff in the office. Cordy enters and tries to get a conversation going. She tells him that she was worried. Angel grunts, "I'll bet." Strike one. She notes that the MoG are discouraged. Angel says, "Yep." Strike two. For her third attempt, Cordy says that she's glad everyone's safe and together. It looks like that might be it, but then Angel looks directly at her, causing brighten up quite a bit. He agrees with her, and then says, "Now, take your new boyfriend and get the hell outta here." Tee hee. I like it when Angel's bitter and grumpy. And I think he enjoys it, too. There's just the tiniest hint of glee in there. I know how that can be. Angel exits, and Cordy stares into space before gasping, "Oh God."

Next week, Gwen gets clobbered, Cordy's hair looks a little darker, Connor falls from a high place, and Angel makes a really amusing noise when the Beast chokes him.

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