Habeas Corpses

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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

The MoG stand in the middle of a lot of nothing. In not quite the same positions they had in the elevator, but points for trying. They stare around, and Fred gasps, "Oh no." A short distance away, the Little Girl is lying on the ground, with Satan kneeling over her. He holds one hand over her, and seems to be drawing black stuff out of her and into himself. It looks like ink. Gunn guesses that Satan was waiting for them. Angel says, "No, I don't think so. It wanted this. The girl -- whatever she is, it came for her." Wesley asks if there's any way out. Angel has no response, which makes you wonder if Fred is reconsidering her vote right about now. The little girl turns her head to look at them, points, and says, "The answer is among you." Satan finishes de-inkifying her, and the girl sighs. Satan stands up and starts marching toward the MoG. The feet look okay from the front. But the side view is terrible. The MoG start to hoist their weapons. The girl looks over at them, gestures with her hand, and whispers something squeakily. Fade to white again.

And poof, the MoG are standing in the Hyperion's lobby. Cary is sitting on the couch with a martini and the Enquirer, or perhaps just some non-trademarked tabloid that looks like the Enquirer. He looks at them, and then eyes his martini. Which is funny, but I think the tabloid is my favorite joke. Prop humor! But not the Carrot Top kind of prop humor. Angel states the obvious, but varies it with a little Yoda-speak by saying, "Home. She sent us." He looks around happily, until he sees Cordy sitting behind the front desk and glowers, "Oh." No, wait, that was funnier than the tabloid. He got a quite wonderful tone of disappointment into that syllable. He heads into the office as Cordy goes to greet Connor. She gives him a hug as Angel turns back to watch. While Fred tends to Gunn's wound, Cary asks how they did their new materializing trick. Fred ignores Cary and says that what Satan did to the little girl was awful. Cary asks if a girl got killed. Wesley says, "Not really a girl. Something ancient and evil dressed like a girl." Poor Cary tries to make conversation and this is what he has to deal with. And he's probably sad that he didn't get to say the title this time, either. Gunn wonders what they're going to do if Satan can kill even an evil little girl. Wesley says, "It's going to take a force far smarter and stronger and than us to defeat it." Cary says, "Like there's a lot of that just lying around," and that clinches it: he definitely needs to get out more.

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