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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

Meanwhile, somewhere on the seventh floor, as they keep emphasizing, Angel is giving Connor a quick tutorial in zombie-slaying. Basically, you cut off their heads. The end. Angel insists that they really aren't much trouble. He peers around the corner and sees a large group of moaning zombies approaching. He tells Connor, "Unless, of course, there's [sic] hundreds of them."

Fred and Wesley are in another office. Fred wants to go back for Gunn. Wesley insists, "We need to get you to safety." Then he quickly slams a desk up against the door they just came through. Oh, Wesley. The door opens the other way. He goes to check the door out to the hallway, looks out, and sees another zombie horde. D'oh. Fred quavers, "Now what?" Wesley's plan: "We wait. Then we fight." Fred asks why this is happening, and Wesley guesses, "Perhaps it's some building lockdown protocol or some security voodoo." Fred wonders if maybe this is Satan's work, and the scariest part of this episode is right there, as Fred says something that makes sense. Suddenly the desk is bumped out of the way, but it's just a triumphant Gunn, who announces, "Zombies, my ass." Then the other door bursts open, and Angel and Connor arrive. Oh. So they were all on the seventh floor? How does that qualify as splitting up to look for Connor? Oh well. Angel thinks it's time to leave, and Wesley says that the only exits are from the third floor and the lobby. Which is why Lilah had to mention that so awkwardly earlier. The MoG think that's too far. All the zombies just vanished? I guess Angel and Connor killed all of the zombies that were in the hall. Really, really quickly. And quietly. Okay. Angel has another idea: "The White Room. It's an interdimensional space here in Wolfram & Hart." He reassures Fred that it's not a portal, exactly: "More like a gateway. And there's a little girl there. Or something old and evil that likes to pretend she's a little girl." While he expositions a little, let's all admire the way the MoG don't wonder if Angel is just making stuff up. Gunn summarizes, "So fight seven floors of evil lawyer zombies or sweet-talk a nasty little girl. You know where my heart's at." Fred says, "I gotta disagree. I vote for the White Room." I can't decide if it's weird that Fred can tell from that line which plan Gunn preferred, or if it's a subtle way of showing that they do actually know each other pretty well. Angel says he'll need Fred's help.

Are they zombies, or just very tired? You decide. The MoG rush toward the elevators, but the zombies around seem pretty listless and aren't much trouble. Angel pushes the elevator doors open, and lucky for them, one of the elevators was actually stopped at the seventh floor. Fred makes for the control box and starts trying to hotwire the thing. The zombies start paying attention, and the guys fight 'em off while Fred fusses with wiring. Still no decapitating. Stupid censors. Fred works some techno-fu, and Wesley and Angel hop into the elevator. Wesley asks, "Do you remember the code?" Angel sniffs, "Hello? Photographic memory!" Oh, not that again. He starts punching buttons. Gunn and Connor get in a few more punches before getting in, and Angel stares at the buttons and whines, "What?" as the elevator fails to do anything. "Let me try again," he mumbles. Gunn spots Gavin in the lead of the approaching crowd of zombies. Angel presses the buttons again, and Gunn suddenly jumps out, cuts off Gavin's head, and then pops back into the elevator. Hooray! Gunn explains, "Hate seeing someone I know like that. Even someone I know I hate." Angel finally remembers to hit the emergency stop button, completing the sequence. The doors close, and the magic button for the White Room materializes at the top of the panel. Angel says, "Here's hoping she's in a good mood," and presses it. Fade to white.

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