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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

Fred, Gunn, and Wesley are in a dim, spooky hallway. Y'know, for a change. Wesley steps over a body to check an office. When he comes out a moment later, the body is gone. "That's odd," Wesley notes. Sharp as a tack. Gunn asks, "Shouldn't Angel be swooping in any minute now?" Fred shrieks, "Charles!" and rushes to help as a zombie attacks Gunn. And suddenly there are zombies bustin' out all over. Even though they're all holding weapons, everyone just decides to punch the zombies. They're not very bright. Sometimes they punch the zombies with the hand that's holding a sword. I know beheadings are expensive and probably attract censors, but couldn't they happen off-camera? They finally duck into an office and close the door, just in time for some commercials.

We return to the obligatory scene of lots of zombies pounding wearily against a closed door. That's how you know they're zombies. Inside the office, Gunn asks, "What the hell was that?" Wesley says that they're zombies, and Gunn snaps, "Thanks for the news flash, Captain Obvious." Well, you did ask, Gunn. But any Wesley abuse is still funny. Gunn checks another door in the room, but it's locked. They all brace the door against the onslaught of flailing limbs, and Fred notices that Gunn is wounded. He says that one of the zombies "tried to snack on [him]." They briefly worry that now Gunn will be zombified, but Wesley says, "I don't think it works that way here." Not completely reassured, Gunn tells Wesley, "If it [does], don't let me be one for long." Wesley nods, and then almost cheerfully asks if Gunn will return the favor. Gunn's "Oh, yeah," sounds a little too enthusiastic, and Wesley has a nice reaction shot. Hee. But is anybody planning to kill Fred? I mean, besides the people in the audience? I guess the zombies are, since they punch a hole through the door and start grabbing at her hair. Gunn slices a zombie's arm off, and Fred runs over to the locked door. She starts hammering on the knob with her sword to break the lock, although she's hammering it with the force you'd use to press a thumbtack into a bulletin board. The other door is broken apart, and the zombies start to enter. Wesley and Gunn stay well back from the door instead of standing on either side of it and lopping heads off as the zombies enter. So there's some more punching and not a single decapitation, and finally Fred gets the door open and rushes through. Wesley makes it to the door, but Gunn is stuck in the zombie mob. Gunn calls, "Get her out of here!" Wesley and Fred get through the door while Gunn holds off the zombies. Fred yells, "Charles!" as Gunn suddenly teleports into view. Oops. One second Gunn isn't in the shot, and then there's an edit, and poof, suddenly he's there. I wouldn't have noticed that if I didn't go through the episode so slowly while I'm writing this. But now that I have noticed it, it's all I'm ever going to see, and if I have to have the scene ruined for me so do you. So there!

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