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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

The MoG claw at the pile of rubble Connor was buried under. After a few minutes, they realize that Connor isn't there. Angel looks on the bright side: "That's good. Means he's still alive." Gunn says, "Or that Sherlock got his facts wrong again." In addition to liking it when Gunn is mean to Wesley just on general principles, another benefit is that Gunn gets a lot more dialogue as a result. Angel says he can smell Connor in the room, so he was there. This is where the "Angel smelling blood everywhere" idea would fit particularly well, because someone could ask why Angel can't just track Connor by scent, and Angel could nervously say that there are too many other smells, and Fred could ask what, and Angel could say "...blood. I should have eaten before we left." And then Angel could kill Fred and drink her blood and everyone would feel better. But instead of that, we just get Angel suggesting that they split up. Great! Because they're wandering around in a giant dark building and there's a horrible monster trying to kill them. I've had dreams like this, and splitting up never works out well. Neither does running down the street to another building. Nope; you've gotta go back in time, and then go down to the basement and unplug the squirrels from all of the oscillators that that are supplying the monster with power. What? It worked like a charm when I did it. Anyway, Angel tells the others to "take one stairwell, sweep each floor; we'll meet up top." If the others are checking every floor, what's Angel's job? Maybe he's going to put his feet up and grab some coffee.

Cut to the seventh floor, where Angel is still looking for coffee. I'll bet those bastards at Wolfram & Hart are just like the people I work with, and can't be bothered to start a fresh pot. "Oh, there's still an eighth of a cup in the carafe, so I don't have to start a new pot!" Except the carafe holds more than a pot, so you can start a new pot brewing while there's still a cup or two left. And it's not like it's such a chore. The coffee is pre-measured! If it takes a whole minute I'd be shocked. I've warned my boss that the day I finally snap and start screaming at people, it's going to be because I've had to make three pots of coffee for every cup I actually get to drink. Anyway. You're not missing anything except that Angel's walking down a spooky hallway. We go to a long shot of him, and in the foreground, a shape suddenly zips past the camera. Angel turns, too late to see it. He continues, and suddenly the sword is kicked out of his hand. He grabs his attacker, shoves him against a wall, and of course it's Connor. Angel quickly hugs Connor, gasping, "Thank God you're alive." Connor, not sharing the love, asks how Angel knew where he was. Angel starts to drag Connor toward the stairs, but Connor insists that he has to kill Satan because this is all his fault. Angel says, "We can't kill it, and no it's not. We've thrown everything we have at it; it's not enough. We need to go." Maybe he should try fighting Satan again without any weapons while a crowd of idiots watches. Because apparently that strategy works really well for some people. Angel turns, and suddenly a zombified Gavin is grabbing him. Angel clobbers Gavin and throws him into a wall, like Gavin hasn't had enough of that kind of treatment. Angel ponders that for a second. Connor notes, "He looks dead." "He is dead," Angel says with some exasperation. Gavin slowly stands up as Angel explains that Gavin is a zombie. This time, Gavin's tossed into a potted plant. Angel says, "It's an undead thing." "Like you?" Connor asks. Angel, hurt, says, "No! Zombies are slow-moving, dimwitted things that crave human flesh." "Like you!" Connor repeats, and Angel snaps "No!" again while I giggle. While that's funny no matter what, what really makes it great is that Connor's grinning a little at the end of it, like he's enjoying the joke himself. Angel kicks Gavin in the head as he starts to move again, and then Angel and Connor head down the hall. Other bodies start to move as they pass, and Connor asks why this is happening. Angel ducks the question, insisting that they have to find the rest of the MoG.

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