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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

The MoG walk through another dark, dusty hallway full of bodies. The flashlights make those exciting beams in the still-inexplicable dust. I wonder if there are kids who watch a lot of genre television who are stunned and disappointed when they discover that flashlights don't always make those beams. Gunn jumps at a noise. Everyone's creeped out by the bodies and blood and general spookiness, although it is a shame that Angel doesn't react to the blood. Although the kind of reaction I'd appreciate might require a little more subtlety than I can reasonably expect from Boreanaz. On the other hand, I am happy to note that Angel is taking point, and that he doesn't need a flashlight. They walk through the lobby, stepping over corpses.

Angel leads them into a stairwell, reminding everyone of the plan: "Third floor. Get Connor, get out." It's Fred's turn to jump at nothing. As they go upstairs, Angel reminds everyone to be quiet, which is kind of funny since he's not really keeping his voice down. As they climb, we see the flashlights playing over bodies. Cool. We see the blonde lawyer from earlier lying on the floor. As someone passes, her eyes snap open. Rats. So it's not all Connor's fault after all.

As they walk down another hallway, Gunn decides to obey Angel's instruction to stay quiet by asking philosophical questions, like, why Satan is killing Wolfram & Hart's people when they're all on the side of evil? Angel speculates, "Maybe all it wants is to eliminate the competition." More walking. More spookiness. My mom didn't like this episode much, but she was impressed by the number of extras they had for all the bodies everywhere. Although I'm sure it was really just ten or twenty people they recycled in scene after scene. That'd be kind of irritating. "Now, in this scene we want you to lie motionless on your back, with some blood splashed artfully around you. Try not to breathe. Perfect! Okay, in this next scene, we'd like you to be collapsed on these stairs. And put this wig on. Great!" Sorry, I got distracted. The walking-down-moody-hallways is nice to watch, but there's not much I can say about it.

The MoG turn a corner and find...another moody hallway to walk down. So they do. The supply closet is nearby, and Wesley looks down at the piles of toilet paper on the floor and mutters, "Wasn't Gavin....?" Because Gavin's gone. Angel finds the conference room, and they hurry in before Wesley can finish that thought. Wait a minute. So now they're by the third-floor supply closet. Which is where the secret passage is. The secret passage that the MoG used to get in. So why are they just getting here now? I could accept that there's one chute down, and doors into it on several floors in the building. But then, when they were climbing up the chute, why not take it directly to the third floor? More climbing, but less chance of running into Satan. Ah well.

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