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Angel Goes to the Drive-In

Props to everyone I saw in Vegas, everyone who gave me presents, all the posters, and everyone who remembers to use their turn signals (just on general principles).

Previously on Angel, Fred tried to bore a whole new crowd, Lilah experimented with a new look, Satan warmed up his pitching arm, and can we just skip Cordy and Connor?

No, we can't, because this episode starts up right where the last one ended. Damn. Angel stares down at Connor, who's still doing push-ups over Cordy. Angel seems to be standing on a rooftop with an overhang of some kind, so that he's protected from the sizzling drizzle. We finally get new footage as Angel abruptly turns, swings, and punches the door off its hinges. It's a wonder that doors don't just fall apart on their own when they see Angel headed toward them. Angel disappears into the stairwell, and we hear more crashes and clangs and muffled growls. I think the first punch would have been enough, because this just make me wonder if Angel was so angry that he fell down the stairs. Credits already? Wow, short teaser.

Fred's somehow found her way home, and isn't it just our luck that she didn't even singe her hair? She's in the lobby, listening to the news on the radio. The very, very quiet radio. I turn the volume up and up until I can hear the announcer saying that "what authorities are now calling meteor showers" have kept emergency teams busy dealing with fires and explosions, and people are being asked to stay in their homes. The phone rings, and I jump at the loud noise and turn the volume back down to normal levels. Fred answers and starts to reassure the caller unconvincingly. Gunn, Cary, and Wesley walk into the lobby, and Fred drops the phone and rushes over to them. Well, she rushes over to Gunn, and they're all hugs and cuddles and Wesley glares at them as he walks by. Shut up, Wesley. If he goes on resenting them this way, I'm going to start liking them as a couple. Fred stops hugging long enough to ask where Angel is. Gunn says that Angel will probably turn up soon, and the conversation turns to the papers they used to track down Satan, which are still covering the floor. I brace myself for exposition but Gunn, bless his heart, says, "Plenty of time for updates later," and insists on forming a plan to deal with Satan. Wesley sniffs, "That's not what Angel would do." Gunn replies, "Thanks for your opinion, and I don't remember asking." I'd only add, "Which part of that isn't what Angel would do? Making a plan? You might have a point there. But even so, when did Angel become the model for how to behave?" Fred asks what kind of beastie they're fighting, and Cary describes it as "the big, bad, possibly-invincible, demony thing that nearly killed us all before he ring-mastered tonight's Cirque du Flambé." I'll excuse the "big, bad" part because I liked the rest of that line, but the overly self-aware shout-outs need to stop. Fred confirms that this is the thing Cary saw when he read Cordy. Shouldn't he not know that for sure, what with the brain-suckage? Fred brings the "big bad" count to two as she suggests waiting for Angel. Quit that! Gunn sarcastically asks, "So we just wait 'cause we don't know what Angel would or wouldn't do?" Gunn speaks for me. "Would I do what?" Angel asks from the doorway. Looks like he's adopted Wesley's habit of waiting for a good cue to enter. Fred notices that Angel looks particularly disheveled, but he says they'll talk about it in the morning. He heads straight for the stairs as Fred wonders if anyone's heard from Cordelia and Connor. Angel mutters, "They're fine," without stopping. "You saw them?" Cary calls. Angel grunts and disappears upstairs. The gang gossips about how terrible Angel looked. Wesley opines, "Nobody likes to lose, whatever the circumstance," and looks straight at Fred. Gee, Wesley, I can't imagine why Fred went for Gunn when she could have dated a bitchy twelve-year-old like you. Also? Shut up.

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