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Bird on a Wire Relay

When we return, Angel and Gwen are still smooching in the elevator as big bars close over the doorway. Gwen pulls back and Angel gibbers, "My heart..." Gwen says, "It was beating. And it doesn't, does it?" Angel gasps, "Cordelia...I gotta get outta here!" Ha! Gwen wonders what's going on, and Mr. Chase strides into view to explain. ["Not to be confused with Cordelia's father, Mr. Chase, the reputed tax cheat. Different Mr. Chase." -- Wing Chun] Angel looks at them both and says, "It's a double-cross." Gwen glares at Angel and says, "I'm not slow, I know it's -- shut up!" Hee. Gwen asks if Angel is working for Mr. Chase. Mr. Chase thought Angel was working for Gwen, "what with the tonguing and all." Gwen says, "In his dreams," as Angel murmurs, "Not even close." And then they glare at each other. Have I explained that I think this is all really dumb, but I'm enjoying it anyway? Do I seem defensive about that yet? Mr. Chase complains about all the noise and publicity Gwen has attracted, and calls her a freak. Uh oh, them's fightin' words. Angel's eyes shift back and forth between Gwen and Mr. Chase, and at last I understand why he's seemed so funny for the whole episode. He thinks he's in the wrong show! His whole expression conveys, "They're talking to each other like I don't matter. Did I wander into the wrong studio?" Hee. Because Mr. Chase thinks he's a supervillain, he explains his Evil Plan and tells Gwen and Angel that the elevator was redesigned so that Gwen can't reach any electric current. Gwen asks if Mr. Chase thinks he's Lex Luthor. They keep making my jokes for me in this episode. It's disturbing. Mr. Chase says that the poison gas he's about to fill the elevator with is fast-acting, adding, "You'll be dead within...uh..." He pushes back his sleeve and looks at his watchless wrist. "Whoops," he says. I know I've lost all credibility here already, but that was a very funny reading of "whoops." I suppose you're thinking that there aren't too many different ways to say "whoops," but now you know better. Gas shoots out of the vents as the elevator doors close.

Inside the elevator, Angel tells Gwen to get down to avoid the gas while he fumbles around at the walls. She snarks back, but obediently sinks to the floor. He asks her where the utility panel would be, and she snarks some more but finally points him in the right direction. Angel starts punching through the wall.

Out in the lobby, Mr. Chase is on the phone. He tells someone, "We should be finished here any time now. Uh huh. I see. Uh huh. Well, we had the tuna casserole last Thursday, Molly." Hee.

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