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So, I don't know exactly what's wrong with me, but I enjoyed that whole scene. Angel's ongoing refusal just to kill Lilah doesn't make a whole lot of sense given what she's done in the past, but they're so much fun together. Maybe I just think that because it's 5 AM right now. That's kind of how I feel about this whole episode, though. It's silly, and doesn't hold up under much examination, but it rolls along quickly enough and they all seem to be having fun without taking it too seriously. I can't decide if I want the show to be bad, so that I can feel reassured that I haven't lost my mind, or if I'd like it to maintain its pleasant goofiness. These are the questions I ponder late at night. Or early in the morning. Oh, I need a nap.

Gunn is in bed, looking at his a printout of his EKG. I didn't know they gave you those as souvenirs. Gunn pontificates about the difference between life and death while Fred tidies the bedroom and sternly asks whether Gunn took his pill. (He did, for the record.) She asks whether Gunn saw anything interesting while he was dead, but he doesn't remember. Fred starts losing her grip and wonders what would have happened if Gwen hadn't given him a jump-start. Gunn says Fred would have done CPR, or Angel would have gotten him to the hospital in time. Fred's wearing a little spaghetti-strapped shirt and her arms scare me. She quivers, "Then again, it could have been too late, and Angel would have had to swear bloodlusty vengeance on the woman that killed you, and we all know how well that works out!" Gunn and the audience say, "What the hell?" Fred rants, "I am so sick of holding everything up around here!" She complains about Wesley, Angel, and Cordy's leaving, and says, "I'm sick of taking care of everything and paying bills and making peace and plans and keeping my chin up!" Johanna says, "I give that same speech every year around Christmastime." Gunn says, "Just electrocute me now, because I don't know what kind of alien female thing --" Oh, he did not just say that. Damn, now I'm on Fred's side. He says that nobody forced Fred to take charge, and she asks, "Who else was gonna do it?" She bursts into tears and moans, "You died and left me all alone!" Well. I sympathize with the feeling, but whining, "How dare you be so ungrateful as to get killed?" comes off as a bit self-centered. If she'd said it differently, it wouldn't have grated so much. Whatever. Gunn gives her a hug as she sobs.

Gwen, back in her red-and-black outfit -- you'd think she'd have more than two outfits, really -- presses the button for an elevator and checks her lipstick. So the lipstick thing is a motif with her? Okay. Angel compliments the color, because he has some experience with lipstick. Gwen does a double-take over Angel's lack of reflection and says, "After I kick your ass, I'm gonna ask about that." The elevator arrives as she and Angel make with the fighting. I'm not sure she should be super-strong in addition to the electro-stuff. But she's, um, pretty. There's quipping and punching and so on, and eventually Gwen de-gloves. She zaps Angel, but he's like the Energizer Bunny, so they go on fighting a while longer and end up in the elevator. I was wondering why tasers knock Angel out, but repeated Gwen-zaps have no effect. But then in the forums, Lucian suggested that it's an AC/DC thing. Literally, I mean. Gwen knocks Angel down and straddles him, then rips open his shirt (aieeee) and zaps his chest. Suddenly we ride a borrowed TMICam into his chest, and are treated to the sight of his CGI heart starting to beat. Okay, that was weird. Angel responds by lunging forward and kissing Gwen. Okay, that was weirder.

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