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After the ads, Fred runs over to Gunn and snivels just as you'd expect her to do. Gwen turns and stares at Gunn, which causes her to have a quick, seasick flashback to when she zapped that Matchbox car. Oh, and the kid holding it, too. She shouts, "Move!" When Angel and Fred fail to do so, she zaps and kicks them out of her way before kneeling by Gunn. I rewind and play that part a few times, because I like the part where Fred gets kicked. Gwen puts her hand on his chest, lucky girl, and zaps him again, saying, "Just like startin' a Chevy." Gunn suddenly gasps for breath as Angel hauls Gwen away from him. He gets ready for fighting, but Gwen does this showoff-y gymnastic kick thing. Once again, Angel has this wonderfully bewildered expression. It seems like he's not injured; he's just startled every time he gets hit. Fred says that they have to take Gunn to a hospital. Angel goes to grab Gunn, and Gwen quickly escapes through the ceiling.

Connor walks along the street and eyes a little enclave of homeless folk. Lilah watches with binoculars from an overpass. "Miss me?" Angel asks. Lilah jumps, then says that actually, no, she didn't. Angel inquires as to whether she's still "knockin' em dead at Wolfram & Hart." Lilah smirks, "You could say that." The conversation turns to Connor, and Angel's laissez-faire attitude. Lilah asks if this is some kind of "guilt is its own punishment" theory, and Angel says that's his specialty. Then he mentions that he's not actually following Connor; he's following Lilah. She looks a little nervous at that. Angel wants to know if Gwen's working for one of Wolfram & Hart's clients. Oh, he thinks she's a subcontractor! Lilah says, "I know you've been out of the loop for a while, but I'm still evil. I don't do errands unless they're evil errands." She seems to be genuinely amused by that line, and I don't blame her. Johanna wonders if Lilah's to-do list reads "Pick up evil milk. Drop off evil dry-cleaning." Angel suggests that Lilah help him out, and in return, "just this once [he'll] ignore the fact that [she's] within fifty yards of [his] son." Lilah goes back to nervous, and Angel hisses, "Just this once." Angel starts to leave, and Lilah tries to get in the last word with something about "moral high ground" that doesn't really make much sense. Angel drops his bomb: "You know what I find interesting? The fact that I can smell you and Wesley all over each other." Busted! Then he makes a funny "What can you do?" face and tells Lilah that she's got an hour to track down Gwen's client. So what I was thinking during this scene was, doesn't Connor have super-hearing? Maybe they're far enough away, but it would be amusing later to find out that he heard the whole conversation.

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