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Bird on a Wire Relay

Cut to a hallway, where Fred is pointing at the building's blueprints and telling the guys their jobs. Shouldn't they have studied the blueprints a little bit before starting out? Oh, right: they're dopey. The plan is that Fred will disable the security while Gunn knocks out the guards and Angel grabs the Axis. Angel and Gunn move out in opposite directions. Fred wearily calls, "Guys!" They reappear, because it seems they were both going the wrong way.

The cameras come on again, and we get a rather-too-artsy shot of Gwen's eyeball before we see that she's tapped into the cameras somehow and is aware of the other intruders.

Fred enters a room full of blinking lights meant to imitate computer banks and moans, "Please, let my cellmate be gentle." Shouldn't they all be singing a catchy song during all this? Sorry, I watched Hudson Hawk over the summer, and it's colored my ideas about heists.

In the building's lobby, Gunn sneaks up behind a guard and calls, "Look out!" The guard spins, and Gunn knocks him out. "I tried to warn ya," he says, and drags the guard's body out of sight.

Angel strides up to the vault room and stands just outside the door. He sprays what I assume is canned smoke around so that we can all see the pretty lasers crossing the room. "Help me out here, Fred," he mutters, and a gate suddenly slams down, blocking the doorway. Angel is attempting to lift the bars up when he's thrown back by something sparking. A grate in the vault's ceiling opens up, and Gwen drops down head-first. She hangs in mid-air and quips, "Y'know, I put that down for a reason."

Fred finds a malfunction in the vault room's security system and whines, "But I haven't gotten into the electrical system, so that means..." Uh oh.

Gunn hauls the guard's body back into a closet, turns on the lights, and discovers four other trussed guards already neatly lined up on the floor. "We got company," he observes.

Angel and Gwen trade battle quips and determine that they're both after the Axis. Gwen stretches a bare hand down into the room, and the laser beams obediently move up and out of the way. Gwen technobabbles about what she's doing to the electrons, and works the episode title into her speech. Woohoo. Angel uses his dopiest voice to say, "What are you?" Hee. He's so perplexed! Gwen says that she's "a freak," and puts a hand on a scanner, opening the vault. Angel strains to lift the gate while encouraging Gwen to find something else nice and expensive to steal. Gunn enters in time to get clued in as to what's going on. Gwen prepares to exit with the Axis, but stops short when Angel says, "Please." She's a well-mannered freak, at least. Angel explains that he needs the Axis to find someone: "You can do whatever you want with it as soon as I find her." At this, Gwen gets all jealous and bitter, which is kind of tiresome, but I can sympathize. Gwen walks over toward Angel and says she has two questions: "Do you really love her?" Angel says that he does. Gwen's second question is, "On a scale of one to ten, exactly how stupid do you think I am?" Suddenly alarms go off, and Gwen chirps, "Don't answer that." She runs back for the cable dangling from the hole in the ceiling. Angel and Gunn heft the gate high enough that Gunn can duck under it. He races over and grabs Gwen's legs. Angel starts to duck into the room as Gwen reaches down and touches her hand to Gunn's chest. Gunn cries out, Fred runs into view in the background, and Angel tackles Gwen, knocking her away from Gunn. Who collapses to the floor, his eyes still open. Angel feels Gunn's neck (See! See!) and looks over at Fred before saying, "He's dead."

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