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Bird on a Wire Relay

We cut back and forth between Angel listing items (rappelling hooks, flashlights, and aerosols) and shots of a black-garbed figure holding each item. Angel trails off as the mysterious figure continues to prepare with a lockpick set, some cable, and a shiny knife. The figure in black is, of course, Gwen. She shoulders her bag of equipment, and I admire the fact that she found a catsuit that's suitable for burglary yet also has a generous V-neck to show off her cleavage. Although to be fair, that seems like it might be in character for her. Gloved hands hold up a silver tray that holds a silver tube. As Gwen takes the tube, we see that she is being assisted in her preparations by a blonde woman in a tuxedo. Gwen says, "Thanks, Nick," walks over to a computer panel, and turns it off. Then she opens the tube and, looking at her reflection in the panel, applies her lipstick. This is terribly, terribly silly. And I'm enjoying it. Mostly because it's reminding me of Cobweb and Clarice.

Aieee. Like all the neck stuff isn't traumatic enough: cut to Lilah and Wesley. They're...well. Let's just say they're playing chess. If you know what I mean, and I think you do. Lilah mentions that she'll go first, because she has an important meeting. Wesley mutters, "If I let you go at all." She moves her pawn to King Four and asks, "You mean the way you let your little slave girl go?" Wesley mutters, "So you finally heard about that?" Lilah smiles and guesses that Justine heard a few things as well. Wesley says that the walls were soundproofed, "although she did call [Lilah] 'impossibly loud,'" and duplicates Lilah's move. Lilah probably shouts bad words when she loses a game of chess. He tells her that he had to find Angel, because he's "necessary." When Lilah asks what Angel is necessary for, Wesley hisses, "Fighting people like you." Lilah says that Wesley did her a favor: "As soon as he dried off, Angel kicked Connor out of the hotel." She moves a pawn to King Bishop Four and suggests that Connor will need a new friend, "like a big sister -- or Mrs. Robinson, if that's what he's into." Wesley insists that he doesn't want to hear Lilah's "evil plans," but Lilah thinks he likes it. "Shut up, Lilah," he says. Lilah says, "Make me," and then gasps as Wesley, um, takes her pawn.

Gwen climbs onto the roof of the auction house, breaks into the alarm-system wiring, and works her electro-magic on the wires, shutting off the security cameras. Her superpowers also open the door, and she enters the building. As she does so, we pan over to Angel, Gunn, and Fred, who are clambering more noisily onto the roof. Oh boy, it's a caper! Gunn pants, "This is so much harder than it looks on Batman." Angel rips the door off of the alarm box, fiddles ignorantly with the wires for a moment, and finally yanks them all out. The lights go out in an underground garage. Heh. Fred uses a gizmo to open the door. I approve of occasionally making the MoG look dopey. Although you don't really need a super-powered anti-heroine to do that.

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