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Bird on a Wire Relay

Credits. Y'know, I, too, was also popular with the boys at that age. Although not so much a few years later, when I would have appreciated it more. And we played with Matchbox cars at recess! This episode is like the story of my life. Except for the killing people with a touch, of course. That came much later.

"Smell anything?" Fred asks. Eh? Oh, she's at Cordelia's with Angel. Angel says that smells lemons, and Fred explains that she might have overdone floor polish. She expositions that she wants the apartment to look nice when the landlord starts showing it. No! What about Phantom Dennis? Fred expositions that they paid the rent for a while, but then couldn't afford it. Angel suddenly exclaims, "Phantom Dennis! Does he know anything about Cordy? Where she might be?" Yeah, exactly. Thank goodness someone remembers Dennis. Fred says that Dennis is mad that they didn't bring Cordy home yet. I guess Dennis told them what happened to Groo. Hey, did Groo go back to Pylea? Oh, wait: I don't care. Angel insists that they will bring Cordy back, and Fred unconvincingly says, "Absolutely."

Angel walks out into the living room to ask about Cary. Gunn is doing something to the TV that causes sparks to fly. "Fancy-ass SurroundSound," he grumbles. Gunn, try unplugging the components first. Fred really did suck out his whole brain, didn't she? That's so sad. Fred says that Cary's been no help, and then shows Angel the stuff she found on the dining table after Cordy disappeared. Angel looks over the photos that Cordy was gazing at that night, and Fred goes back to boxing up books while they trade more exposition. She picks some books up from the mantel, boxes them, and then turns around to see the books back on the mantel. Fred shouts, "Dammit, Dennis! She's not coming back!" Gunn and Angel tense up, and Fred apologetically claims, "I meant the apartment." Then Angel runs over and snaps her teeny neck with two fingers. Fine, I made that part up. Fred says, "You count on stuff, y'know. Things being where you left them. What happens if you get back and they're not there?" Indeed. Also: huh? Angel insists, "You go find them."

Cut to a slightly bloodied Wesley ordering his troops around in a battle against a big demon. His troops? I don't know. Stupid Wesley. Two of the men get clobbered, and an axe skids across the floor until its stopped by Angel's shoe. "Need help?" Angel asks. Wesley responds by slicing the demon into chunks. That was pretty cool. Although I wish the demon had been the one doing the slicing. "No. Thanks," Wesley says. He picks what I think is a key up off the floor and tells his minions that "Mr. O'Leary's being kept in a motel." He tosses the key to a minion and orders, "Report to base, have Diana close out the file." Oh, whatever. The sidekicks exit, and how sad do you have to be to be a sidekick's sidekick? Angel thanks Wesley for finding him. Wesley glares and packs up his weapons. Angel jabbers on, "What went down between us -- I had a lot of time down there..." What "went down"? You mean the thing where Wesley kept secrets from you and endangered his friends' lives? Oh, Angel, don't do this.

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