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Bird on a Wire Relay

Back in the elevator, Gwen decides that in case she dies, she wants Angel to know, "Nice kiss." Angel finishes hammering through the wall and grabs the wiring. Gwen grabs his other hand and: kerzapple! The elevator doors open, along with the bars. Mr. Chase watches as Angel carries Gwen out and puts her on the ground, and alerts his minions. And then, y'know, there's a fight. Angel gets in some nice fu and takes out all of the minions, then turns to see Gwen already up and stalking Mr. Chase. She lectures him that she doesn't like being called a freak: "That's my word, and I get cranky when people like you use it." Angel watches as Gwen mentions that she's been struck by lightning fourteen times. Angel interrupts, "So you're a freak? Boo hoo, so what?" Gwen's distracted by that, and Angel says, "I'm not exactly the poster boy for normal. Sometimes you gotta let go." Then he quickly punches Mr. Chase, knocking him out. Gwen says that she wanted to do that, and Angel replies that Gwen was going to kill Mr. Chase. "Did you at least break his nose?" she asks, and reaches down to zap Mr. Chase. Angel grabs her arm to stop her. Gwen confirms that Angel really is going to use the Axis to find Cordelia. She says, "Anyone that bad at stealing stuff's gotta be doing it for love. Bummer." She stomps off. Oh Gwen, you can do better, don't worry about it.

Cut to the Hyperion, where a mystic glow is coming from one of the rooms. The caption reads "Ethereal humming." Snicker. Gwen and Fred wait outside the room and, as the light fades, Fred wonders if Angel found Cordy. The door opens, and Angel marches past them. Gunn peers into the room and sees the Axis still glowing faintly on a table. It's an ethereal nightlight! "Yeah," he guesses.

Down in the lobby, the MoG ponder what Angel has, presumably, told them in the interval. Fred's insightful question is, "But she was beautiful?" Shut. Up. Fred. Angel burbles about light made up of pure joy and so on. Gunn asks if maybe Cordy will get a vacation, but Angel says, "It felt sorta permanent." Gunn says, "Too bad. We could all go to Vegas," setting up next week. They go on burbling about Cordy's wonderfulness, and I am once again distracted because, as if enjoying this silly episode wasn't disconcerting enough, now Boreanaz looks...not...bad...oh, just kill me. I try to decide if it's the camera angle or something, and then I realize that his hair isn't as spiked as usual. It actually seems to be a consistent length. I mention this to Johanna, who of course immediately mocks me. "You looooove him. You wanna have ten thousand of his babies." "Shut up." "You love Angel!" "I don't. Shut up." "You think he's so pretty!" "He just looked good in that shot. I was thrown because his hair wasn't crazy. And shut up!" Angel says that he spent all this time trying to get back to Cordelia, and then trying to get Cordelia back home, and now he's realized that "she already is home. Where she belongs." Everyone looks thoughtful. We pan up, then zoom back through the clouds and up to Cordy, still glowing away. She asks, "What are you, deficient? Get me out of here!"

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