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Sick and tired of reruns, but still desperate to get your fix of the repetitive characters and situations that make Angel such a ratings bonanza (comparatively speaking, bearing in mind that we're talking about the WB here)? Fear not, now you can use the same kind of top-secret episode generator that the folks at Warner Brothers use when they're stuck for ideas! Simply use the pull-down menus to select the plot elements that suit your mood, your budget, or your ability to withstand nausea. There are millions of possibilities, and yet they all seem strangely familiar -- just like the actual show. At the start of the show, Angel is feeling
  • broody,
  • mopey,
  • pensive,
  • guilty,
  • angsty,
  • depressed,
but is moved to action when he
  • is hired by
  • runs into
  • dreams about
  • traces Cordy's vision to
  • buys hair gel from
  • feels drawn to
  • an attractive blonde.
  • an attractive blonde.
  • an attractive blonde.
  • an attractive blonde.
  • an attractive brunette.
  • a man.
He soon discovers that his new client is
  • being stalked by
  • being chased by
  • stalking
  • haunted by
  • irritated with
  • writing a book about
  • an ex-lover.
  • Wolfram & Hart.
  • demons.
  • vampires.
  • ghosts.
  • Juan Valdez.
While Angel tries to gather more information via
  • the internet,
  • the Oracles,
  • Kate,
  • a bookie downtown,
  • CNN,
  • a flashback,
Cordelia and Wesley have a hilarious argument about
  • money.
  • Cordy's outfit.
  • Wesley's ineptitude.
  • Angel's moodiness.
  • quantum mechanics.
  • coffee.
For a while, the plot seems to be a cheap imitation of
  • Batman
  • Alien
  • Star Trek's "The Trouble with Tribbles"
  • Help!
  • Howard the Duck
  • The Crying Game
but then there's an unexpected plot twist. In the course of his investigation, Angel learns that his client is
  • working for Wolfram & Hart,
  • in terrible danger,
  • trying to cause the Apocalypse,
  • a demon,
  • being held prisoner,
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