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When Wesley leaves the bedroom, he finds Angel waiting for him. Angel tells Wesley that Cordy's not the only mom-to-be, and Wesley tells Angel that Cordy's having a litter. "Someone's raising an army," Angel declares. Angel begins flipping through the Yellow Pages, explaining that "Sarina said Wilson and his friends hang out at some private gun club, 'Guns and Cigars.' She doesn't know where, exactly." I'm not sure that an exclusive, private gun club would advertise in the yellow pages, but whatever. Angel says, "While I find them, you should be narrowing down the species. Maybe we can figure out a way to terminate this without hurting her." Wesley asks what happens if they can't, and Angel says they'll have to find out what to do after the babies are born. As they head for the door, they pass Cordelia, standing by the open refrigerator, chugging down a big glass of blood. They stare as some of it dribbles down her chin. Angel grimaces and says, "I don't think I've ever realized just how disgusting that was. Get her back to bed. And, maybe order her a pizza or something."

Wilson is doing some target practice at the gun club when Angel sidles up and introduces himself as a friend of Cordelia's. Some dull threats are exchanged. Wilson points his gun at Angel and says that Cordelia told him all about Angel. Angel twists the gun away, gets a choke hold on Wilson, and says, "Somehow, I doubt that." He hurls Wilson into a pillar and says, "You're human. Then you can't be the father." Angel demands to know what's going on. "If those things come to term, she'll die. You do know that?" Wilson responds, "So? I'm not telling you anything." Angel says, "I was so hoping [sic] you'd say that," and starts punching him. So it was the most obvious villain after all. I'm comfortable with that. The three other bad guys enter and surround Angel. "You have no idea what you're dealing with," Wilson chuckles.

Back at the apartment, Wesley examines the ultrasound image, which reveals the faces of at least three adorable bouncing baby...monsters with horns and no noses and big black eyes. He has found a certain family resemblance to one of the demons in the book open in front of him. Suddenly Cordy appears beside him, and, looking at the book, says, "That's him, isn't it?" Wesley tries to soften the blow by saying, "Oft times these sixteenth-century engravers tended to exaggerate." He goes on to say that that they'll be able to do something now that they've identified the species of demon. Cordy turns and clubs him over the head with the book. "You're not gonna hurt my babies," she says, before clubbing him again. I guess Giles gave Wesley some lessons in being knocked unconscious.

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