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The doctor prepares for the amniocentesis, and explains that there is a small chance of miscarriage as a result. "I'll take it!" Cordy insists. Then there's some very unpleasant-looking things going on with a very large needle, and I'm not planning to watch that scene any more, okay? The doctor hands the full syringe to the nurse. She suddenly turns around and calls the doctor as the fluid begins eating through the syringe. She drops it, and they all watch as the spilled fluid goes on to eat through the floor. A little homage to Alien there, which you're obligated to include in any horror story about pregnancy. The doctor and nurse excuse themselves. Cordelia asks Wesley, "You saw what's inside of me?" Wesley says, "I think we should find Angel." Cordelia keeps demanding that Wesley tell her what he saw, and then finally pleads, "Do they look healthy?"

Angel tells Sarina that Cordy is pregnant too. Sarina says that her date, Jason, has vanished. She explains that she knew Jason, and Emily's date, Nick, and she fixed Wilson up with Cordy. "I knew something wasn't right. Their kind of smelled. I mean, really smelled. And sometimes, the guys were like, jumpy." Angel asks if there's anyone Sarina can call for help. She shakes her head. "The guys seemed like they liked that. Wilson asked about Cordelia, and I told him she didn't have anybody either." Sarina doubles over in pain suddenly, and we cut to Cordelia, who's doing the same thing. Wesley gets her out of the elevator and into Angel's apartment, and gets her to lay down. As he stammers and tells her to let him know if she needs anything, Cordy suddenly glares at him. "You're afraid. You're afraid of what's inside of me. You think it's horrible. You think I won't be able to handle it. That if I find out, I'll do something bad." Wesley insists that he needs to analyze the ultrasound before he can form an opinion. While he waffles, Cordy starts getting creepy and says, "There's seven of them. There's seven of his children. Growing inside of me. They're talking to me. They're talking all at once." She tells her belly, "I can't understand!" Wesley begins telling her that he knows how hard this is for her, leading Cordy to utter the righteous cry of all pregnant women, "No! You don't know!" She continues, "You don't know what it's like to be a partner in creation!" Suddenly Cordy looks scared again and tells Wesley, "They're not human. But, I mean, that could be okay, right? I mean, look at Angel. He's not human. And Doyle -- he wasn't either." Wesley says "shh" a lot and wipes her forehead with a handkerchief until she lies back.

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