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"Do you know what it is?" a woman asks. Cordy, sitting in a clinic's waiting room, turns with a stunned look. "Boy or girl?" the woman clarifies. Wesley sits down near Cordy and says, "Shouldn't be long." Cordy has found some overalls and a long-sleeved shirt to wear. The nosy woman keeps trying to start a conversation, saying, "You're carrying low. I bet it's --" As the woman reaches over, Cordy shouts, "Don't touch me!" In the office, the doctor guesses that Cordy is eight and a half months pregnant. When the doctor asks for the name of her previous physician, Cordy says, "You're the only doctor we've been to." Wesley quickly jumps in to say, "In California. We just moved here from England." The doctor asks Cordy how she feels. She glares at him and says, "I'm as big as a house, everything hurts, I --" Before she can continue, the doctor insists that those are normal feelings, and that she'll feel much better after giving birth. "God, it's a nightmare," says Cordy. "Hormones," Wesley whispers. They begin to perform an ultrasound, and the doctor looks at the monitor and reports, "Looks like somebody's having twins!" "Twins!" Cordy and Wesley chorus. The doctor, still looking at the monitor, says, "No, there's a third heartbeat." "There's another one," the nurse says. Wesley goes to take a peek as the count increases to five, then six. "Oh my god," the doctor says, and not in a happy way. Cordy asks, "What is it? What's wrong?" The doctor says he wants to remove some amniotic fluid as a precaution.

Angel knocks on an apartment door and calls, "Sarina?" Sarina grumbles, "Just leave it outside." Angel tells Sarina who he is, and asks if he can come in. "Okay," she says, which apparently counts as an invitation. The apartment is even darker than the gloomy corridor outside, with a few candles burning here and there. The sound of a lighter attracts Angels' attention, and he sees Sarina, her back to him, lighting yet another candle. "The light hurts my eyes lately," she explains. "I know the feeling," he says, back in his mopey voice for a second. A bottle of wine dangles from Sarina's hand as she says, "I thought you were the liquor store; I'm almost dry." At this point, since she still hasn't turned around, we all know she's pregnant too. She continues, "I know what you're thinking. I shouldn't, right? It'll hurt the baby." Sarina turns around so that Angel, and no one else, can be surprised that she's pregnant, and finishes, "I hope!" Like Cordelia, apparently Sarina didn't have much trouble finding clothes that would fit her. I am even more suspicious of the bartender now.

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