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Cordy asks, "What would I say to him? 'I had a really great time, I think you left something at my place?' I don't think this is right." Angel takes charge and says, "Whatever's happening to you, he may have some answers." He hands her the phone, but she shakes her head and says, "I can't!" "Just dial his number, and I'll talk to him," Angel soothes. Angel's nice when he's got someone to worry about besides himself. A recording tells Angel that Wilson's phone has been disconnected. Angel says, "He's not answering right now. I want you to rest, and we're gonna handle this. You're not alone." "That's sorta the problem, isn't it?" Cordy moans. "Could you just leave me alone for now?" Angel and Wesley leave the bedroom, telling her they'll be right outside. As they close the door, a box of tissues flits over to the bed, and one pops out for Cordelia to grab. She blows her nose, and the blankets tuck themselves up around her. Dennis is nice, too. I can't help wondering if Dennis had somehow caused the pregnancy in an effort to keep Cordelia from stepping out with guys who had, y'know, bodies. But I like Dennis, so I don't want to believe that.

Out in the living room, Angel gets off the phone and reports that Wilson's home and business phones have been disconnected, and that they can't track him down. Angel says, "I'm guessing he's some form of procrea-parasitic demon." Say that three times fast. Wesley translates, "A demon who can only reproduce by implanting a human woman with its seed. Yes, I've heard of such entities. The human mothers --" Angel finishes, "Rarely survive labor. And the ones that do wish they hadn't." Wesley says, "If she's that pregnant in one night, she could give birth at any moment!" Angel tells Wesley, "We have to move fast. You've got to see what's inside her." Responding to Wesley's expression of shock, Angel clarifies, "Pre-natal exam, Wesley." Angel heads off to track down Wilson.

Angel chats with the bartender at Club La Brea. "A friend of mine was in here last night. Her name's Cordelia. Big smile, really pretty?" The bartender responds, "We get a lot of that." Angel pulls out a wad of bills and offers one to the bartender to encourage his memory. In case money isn't enough, he tries sympathy as well, and says, "I'm guessing you're serving drinks day and night to jerks who think they can buy anything." The bartender agrees. Angel goes to say, "Well, one of those jerks hurt my friend. I need to find him, fast." The bartender asks who it was, and Angel tells him it was Wilson Christopher. "I want to know who his friends are, where they hang." The bartender says, "Wherever Sarina tells 'em to. They travel in packs. The guys have the money, the girls have the pretty. The girls decide what club's the flavor of the month, and Sarina rules the girls." Angel thanks him, and the bartender asks if Angel is Cordy's boyfriend. "No, I'm family," Angel says, and leaves. I am suspicious of that bartender. Maybe he put some demonic potion in Cordy's drink.

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