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Wilson drops Cordy off at her door. They have some nervous end-of-date conversation. He kisses her, and offers to call her the next day. Cordelia invites him inside, and dims the lights. "You live alone, right?" asks Wilson. The lights crackle and come on again. Yay, we get to have some Phantom Dennis activity! "In the sense that I'm the only one living here that's actually alive," Cordy responds. Again she dims the lights, and again they come up immediately. Finally she explains, "Wiring. Old buildings," and leaves the lights on. She goes on to say, "My dating game skills are kinda rusty. You're the first person I've had over in a long -- well, ever. So, I'm open to suggestions." Wilson suggests music. Cordy turns on the radio, which immediately tunes itself to a bouncy polka tune. Wilson guesses that the wiring is to blame again, and Cordy turns the stereo off and offers to make some tea. Once in the kitchen and out of Wilson's sight, Cordy hisses, "All right, Dennis, knock it off! This is the one guy I've actually liked in a long time, and if you keep killing the mood, I'll kill you! All right, empty threat, you being a ghost, and already dead and all. But I'll do something worse. I'll play Evita around the clock! The one with Madonna!" Since Dennis has demonstrated the ability to control the stereo, I'm not sure that's an effective threat. Wilson enters and asks, "Who [are] you talking to?" "My ghost. I have a ghost. He's jealous," Cordy says, eliciting a baffled look from Wilson. She tries again "Kidding. The apartment's great, but things are always breaking, and I have no one to complain to, so sometimes, just to give myself company, I talk to myself." Wilson moves in for more smooches. Cut to the lovebirds in the bedroom. And then in bed. He really does have nice shoulders.

Dawn comes, and Cordelia rolls over in bed whispering, "Wilson?" He's gone. She reaches for the clock, and we can see that at some point in the evening Cordelia put on a t-shirt and pajamas. I find it amusing that she wears more clothes to bed than she does during the day. "Uh oh, somebody's gonna be late for work," she says, and struggles to sit up in bed. She throws the blankets aside and stares down in horror and the giant prosthetic pregnant belly someone stuck on her during the night.

Cordy is still lying in bed after the commercial break, staring into space. Outside, Angel and Wesley approach her apartment. Wesley says it 12:15, and Angel worries, "I left two messages; she should have called back." Angel pounds on Cordy's door while Wesley speculates, "Maybe she unplugged her phone. Or she slept somewhere else." Angel somehow opens the door and they go inside. Angel opens the door to reveal Cordy and her belly. "Mother of God," breathes Wesley. Whoa, that'd be quite a plot twist, wouldn't it? Angel tells Cordy, "It's all right. We're here." Cordy sniffles, "I'm ready to wake up now. I don't seem to be waking up. Help me!" Angel asks what happened, and Cordy gives him a run-down on her date. Angel asks if she's called Wilson. "No, I haven't talked to anyone." I don't say this often, but poor Cordy. She's doing a much better job of crying here than she did in "Room W/A Vu," which probably helps.

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