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The opening blipvert features a shot of the director's clapboard, which indicates that this episode, or at least a scene therein, was taped on 8/11/99. Cordelia, wearing a large bandanna as a top, uses a window as mirror to apply her lipstick. Angel enters behind her and declares, "You look nice," which startles Cordy and causes her to draw a nice red line across her face. "Now I look like the Joker," she points out. Except that the Joker had better fashion sense. Angel apologizes. Cordy says, "Hopefully I'm still too young and carefree for a heart attack," which is pretty funny, considering she's So Very Old. Angel, sorting through the files, asks why Mrs. Benson's file is under "P." Cordy claims that the letter is, in fact, an "F," or possibly an "R." "Maybe we could be a little less young and carefree with the filing," Angel suggests, playing along with Cordy's joke about not being So Very Old. Suddenly, Cordelia remembers that Mrs. Benson is filed under "F," because she's from France. "Remember what a pain she was?" Cordy asks. Angel says, "Yeah. It made me want to drink a lot." "Well, that's the French for you," Cordy concludes. Suddenly Wesley enters, and I understand how Angel felt about Mrs. Benson. Wesley brandishes an axe and says, "I was just in the neighborhood, patrolling with my new Bavarian fighting adze." Upon being told that demonic activity is minimal, Wesley pulls out a puzzle book and says, "I also packed along a Word Puzzle 3D -- if either of you has the nerve to take me on." Cordy says, "I'd love to, but unlike you, I'm not in my eighties quite yet." Which is funny, because she's So Much Older than that. Wesley retaliates: "If shaking your booty at the latest trendy hot spot is your idea of a life, then call me..." Two young actress-slash-models walk in, at which point Wesley concludes, "Sick with envy." One of the girls admires Wesley's axe, causing him to make a casual gesture that sinks the axe-head into the wallboard. One of the girls introduces herself as Sarina, and tells Cordy, "Wilson practically had to have phone sex with the manager at Lounge La Brea to get us in." Lounge La Brea? Hee! Angel asks who Wilson is. "Wilson Christopher," says the other girl, who will later be identified as Emily. "No!" says Wesley. "The ethno-archeologist from Brandeis?" Except that the captioning reads, "Brandice." I wonder if doing closed captions pays well. ["You could ask our own Cate; that's her day job." -- Wing Chun] Sarina clarifies that Wilson is a fashion photographer who's been seeing Cordy. She also tells Wesley, "That Hugh Grant thing is really starting to work for me." Take him, please.

Angel quietly asks Cordy, "So you've been seeing someone? How come I haven't known?" Cordy says, "'Cause I'm ashamed of you. Not to mention how you'd embarrass me by giving him the third degree." Emily declares that Angel "can give me the third degree any time." Cordy suddenly collapses to the floor with a visiony headache, or maybe she's just overwhelmed by the witty banter. To distract Sarina and Emily, Angel knocks over a pile of papers and starts asking the girls about their plans. "Lounge La Brea. That sounds like that could evening. With all sorts of evening-type...I heard the bands there are..." "They don't have bands," Sarina notes. Angel not-at-all-smoothly presses on, "Which I like, because if it's too loud..." Emily asks if Angel wants to come, causing him to chuckle, "Oh, I think I may be busy." Insert snippets of Cordy's vision, including a sign reading "25 Cabrillo," breaking glass, and a lot of blurry things that might be claws. "Besides," Angel continues, "I don't, um, lounge all that well." Wesley laughs hollowly and chimes in, "Oh yes, he's no lounger, this one." Sarina tells Emily, "The good ones are always gay." The unspoken conclusion to that thought is, "and the straight ones are always dweebs like these two." Cordy finally picks herself up off the floor, and Angel asks her, "So, that client I'm supposed to be meeting tonight, what's he like again?" As she writes something down, Cordy responds, "Like a big baby. Hatching from a big egg, with really large hands, in need of a manicure. You're meeting him here." She hands the piece of paper to Angel and heads out with her friends. Wesley starts hinting that he could go along with Angel to help. Wesley is like that kid you knew in elementary school that you didn't quite have the heart to be rude to, even though he was really annoying. Angel hands Wesley the paper to indicate his acceptance, and Wesley beams like he's been asked to the prom. He runs to gather up his bag, and in the process of pulling his axe out of the wall, he falls down. Ho hum.

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