Double Or Nothing

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Gunn vs. the Brain-Melting Horror

Previously on Angel...Gunn never had a Fred before; Wesley, Justine, and Holtz played hot potato with the baby, and Angel learned that the first step in forgiving is trying to suffocate Wesley with a pillow. Works for me.

Gunn and Fred are sorting through files at the Hyperion. Since Cordelia was the clerical staff, they're having some trouble. Fred puzzles out a note about "that couple that called last week with a squatter in their lair," and realizes that their case got lost in the shuffle. Gunn says, "I guess [Wesley] was too busy stealing the baby --" and then Fred tells him to drop it. Cary arrives. I feel sad. Oh, Cary. He's wearing khaki pants. Khaki. And a dull tie. What happened to his shiny suits and cravats and craziness? I know he's just slacking around, covering up for Cordelia's absence, but still. Maybe he's depressed. For Cary, wearing normal clothes is like a normal person swathing themselves in black. He says it's good to stay busy at times like this, and peers upstairs. Fred reminds us all about Angel losing his son, and how it's all very sad and tragic and it certainly isn't a reason to throw confetti around and shout "Woo!" in celebration. Fred is so very wrong about that, though. Cary wishes Angel would talk about his feelings, and has Cary ever met Angel before? Gunn says that it's probably better this way, adding, "I think the rage has passed, but do you really want to find out first-hand?" Fred thinks that Angel has given up on the idea of killing Wesley. Gunn says, "Only 'cause Wesley's too smart to show his face around here." Is Wesley likely to drop by, lugging his IV bottle along with him? I don't think Angel should give up so easily, anyway. I hear it's very helpful in times of depression to set yourself a little goal, find a project that will distract you and provide a nice feeling of accomplishment when you're done. Killing Wesley is just what the doctor ordered!

The door opens, and Cordy finally returns from her rest, relaxation, and re...vitalization. Oh yeah, and Groo's with her, too. "We're back!" Cordy shouts. "And we're bearing gifts," she adds, as everyone stares at her. They're probably trying to recognize her, which is difficult with her new short blonde hair. It reminds me of 1992-ish Madonna. What's next, a crew-cut? Cordy stares at the somber MoG and finally asks, "What happened?"

And then we're upstairs, and Angel is in full brood. Which cracked me up. I don't know why. There's something about his giant head staring sadly at the burned-out crib; he really does look sad, and yet it makes me giggle so much. In the background, Cordy enters and sits down next to him. She rubs his back and says, "I'm so sorry," and Angel's eyes glisten a little, and I laugh even harder. Angel finally looks down, and I regain control of myself.

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