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Previously on Angel...gosh, it's been so long I've forgotten what any of these scenes mean. Um, well, it looks like Angel backed away from a cocktail party, a blonde gave an old guy a hickey, and then all of the other guests fainted. Angel said, "You're all fired," but a policeman just heard, "Fire!" and shot Wesley. Angel dropped a cigarette in a puddle of gasoline and made some girls scream. Cordy gave Angel a book, which made Angel sit up in bed. Then it was Angel's turn to fall down, and a green guy said vaguely ominous things. Cordy said she wasn't okay, and Angel asked Wesley for a job.

In the office of the Hyperion, Angel squirms uncomfortably while Wesley lectures him about getting along with his co-workers. "Be sensitive to their feelings, their opinions. Especially before you take some action one might construe as...oh, let's just call it insane." I'm so glad I work in a soulless corporate environment where I don't have to pretend to take an interest in people just because they work down the hall from me. I really should just give up and live in a cave, shouldn't I? ["I'm already there, practically; it's not everything it's cracked up to be." -- Wing Chun] Wesley says, "This is torture for you, isn't it?" Angel admits that it is, and Wesley says, "Good." Angel says he'll think about Wesley's advice, and after an awkward moment, adds, "Somewhere else. Not here. 'Cause, I mean, this is...your" Angel backs out of the room, and I never realized that the office had sliding doors before. Cool. I want them. Angel turns to see Cordy has set up a cup of pencils and a blotter on a table. Wesley explains that this is Angel's new workspace, adding, "And I'd love a cup of coffee." Got the mandatory coffee reference out of the way early this time. Angel chuckles at Wesley's joke, until Cordy coldly adds, "Two sugars in mine." Gunn asks for a mocha cappuccino. Yum, good choice. But do they have an espresso machine at the hotel? As the MoG wander off and the wackiness theme is cued up, Angel sighs, "Atonement's a bitch." Credits.

A couple sits in a parked car. They start making out. Hooded figures lurk. Then two lurkers smash the car windows as the girl screams. They had the windows rolled up? Where were their legs gonna go?

Cut to Gunn, who's busy with a box full of weapons. Wesley and Cordelia are unpacking more ordinary office supplies as Angel merrily bops down the stairs. Wesley looks up, and Angel loses his bounciness. Once Angel has reverted to an attitude of squirmy discomfort, Wesley is satisfied, and returns to work. In fashion news, Cordy is wearing normal human clothes: jeans and a sweatshirt. Okay, she did tie a knot in the back of the sweatshirt so that it's pulled up around her ribs to reveal her belly button. I know that when I'm hot and sweaty, nothing is more refreshing than a cool breeze over my abdomen. Angel approaches Cordy and gets as far as "Uh" before Cordelia tells him to buzz off. Angel persists, asking how she is, and tries to take the box she's hefting. Cordy snaps, "I've got it!" After more awkward Angelness, Cordy relents slightly and says, "You wanna know how I am?" She says she's tired and sweaty, but also excited about getting the business going again. She concludes, "Just so we understand each other, you and I? We're not friends." Angel switches from awkward to abashed, which demonstrates that in some cases you can get by as an actor by covering the gamut of emotions from A to B. Cordy starts to trudge off with her box, but a vision hits, causing her to shove the box at Angel at high speed, which looks darn silly. Angel drops the box and is sorta successful at easing Cordy to the floor.

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