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Soul Men

Italicized font declares that this is the Royal London Hotel. In England. Thanks. Oh, and it's 1880. Pan, pan, pan across the room, past some doors and furniture and the usual things one finds in a room. Then, as giggling voices approach, we hilariously reverse course and pan back toward the doors to the room. It's like the cameraman was moving too fast and forgot he was meant to stop. Drusilla and a newly vamped Spike stumble inside. Aw, Dru. Last week I mentioned to Wing Chun that I like Dru partly because she's the only angst-free character. She just does her thing. ["I can't get past the annoying crazy talk. She's like every LSD-dropping spinny hippie girl I went to high school with." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Spike presses Dru up against a wall, but she scoots away while noting that he's a "'ungry little kitty." Spike asks if this is her home, and she points out the corpses on a nearby couch and explains that it was their home until "Angelus took them for dinner."

Spike is curious about this Angelus chap, and on cue, Angelus appears in a doorway. Drusilla introduces Spike, saying: "Look what oi made! It's called...Willie." Spike corrects her, "William." Dru wants to show her new toy off to Darla, and a very shaggy Angelus slowly explains, "Darla and I had a little spat." Oh, good, he's still keeping his voice low. That seems to improve the accent a lot. Angelus explains that the Master sent for Darla, and sniffs, "You know Darla. Master's pet." Dru sympathizes, and Angelus assures her that he and Darla will make up. Angelus + Darla 4EVR! Angelus rubs his hand on his face to indicate that there's a cut there from the fight with Darla, although we can't see it because he's got great hanks of messy hair in the way. I'd be so annoyed if I did the makeup on that and then realized the cut was invisible under the wig. Angelus advances toward Spike, asking if Dru has put "another rooster in the henhouse." Dru asks if Angelus is angry with her, although I get the impression that she's hoping for a "yes." Angelus grabs Spike's arm and yanks it into a ray of morning sunlight as he asks, "Do ye have any idea what it's like havin' only women as travel companions?" Spike pulls away as Angelus adds, "I've been wondering what it'd be like to share the slaughter of innocents with another man." As he says this, he puts his fist out into the sunlight and watches it smoke. Oh, it's like secret cutting for vamps. Secret burning. Although not actually very secret, I guess. Angelus turns his hand in the light and twitches a little as he asks, "Don't think that makes me some kind of a deviant, mmm, do ya?" I do wish he wouldn't grunt. It reminds me of that time he made the weird gaspy "uhhhh" at Holtz, and then I can't stop giggling. And what was Penn, chopped liver? Okay, it's been about a hundred years since then, so I guess he's entitled to feel like it'd be a change. Spike stares at him curiously, and then sticks his hand back into the light. You know what's fun to do? Watch this bit while rewinding. "Look, I'm sucking smoke into my hand!" Such magic. Angelus bursts into hearty laughter, like, "My own Mini-Me! Wow, now I can finally discover exactly how annoying I am!" Angelus claps Spike on the shoulder and declares that they're going to be "the best of friends." Damn, where'd my ironic foreshadowing detector go? Spike tries to laugh as idiotically as Angelus, and makes an admirable job of it.

Cut to modern-day Angel telling Spike, "Get the hell away from me." He descends the stairs into the lobby with Spicule following close behind. I am irresistably reminded of those Warner Bros. cartoons with the big bulldog that lumbers along while the yappy little puppy runs around it. As they cross the lobby, Spicule steps through a support beam because he is a ghost. Presumably the FX were cheaper than buying enough alchohol to convince someone in the cast to play exposition fairy again. Spicule insists on getting what he wants. Angel walks to Harmony's desk and sniffs, "You're not getting an office." As Spicule whines about not having his own space, Angel collects his mail from a mysterious blonde temp at -- whoa, is that Harmony?! Wow. She looks different. Her hair seems to have doubled in volume, which I don't think is solely due to the astonishing I Dream Of Jeannie ponytail on the crown of her head. But her makeup is different, too. Lots of eyeliner. Now that I think about it, maybe she just looks different because her mouth is closed. As Angel heads into his own office, Spicule goes on whining that he has no place of his own, and that "it's not bleeding right." He begs, "At least give me Wesley's office, since he's gone." Angel explains that Wesley has taken a temporary leave of absence, and slams his office door shut. Spicule grumbles that Wesley thought he'd killed his "bloody" father, and shouts, "Try staking your mother when she's coming on to you!" Harmony looks at him and says, "That explains a lot." Is there going to be a joke about that every single week? 'Cause if so, I should probably watch that episode at some point. Spicule starts to march off, but Harmony calls him back, saying that a package arrived for him. Harmony shakes the box experimentally, says it's heavy, and then opens it for him. Upon opening the lid, there's a burst of bright light. Harmony blinks, and Spicule says, "Well, that was a slap and a tickle." Harmony says that the box is empty, and then is interrupted by the phone. Spicule heads for Angel's office as Harmony is hit with a different kind of whiny noise via the phone. Even though I know it's coming, I am somewhat amused when Spicule crashes into the door and falls down instead of passing through it. Hearing the crash, Angel opens the door and stares down at Spicule, who looks up and says, "Hold on..." During that scene, Spicule uses the word "bleeding" once and "bloody" once.

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