Deep Down

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Brine and Punishment

Another carefree summer of malaria and hurricanes draws to a close, and a new season of fine corporate entertainment beckons to us seductively like the nice lady in room 237 of the Overlook Hotel. Just give her a little kiss and she'll distract you from your worries that the Yellowstone supervolcano will erupt and coat North America with several inches of ash, not to mention the lingering concern that all that noise is bound to wake Cthulhu, although at least then we won't have to deal with the packs of rampaging Yeti. It's nice to be back, especially after a summer that seemed to parallel Angel's, what with the site's brush with death, the disappearance of some old friends (in the form of two other sites), and...well, there's a parallel with Justine's demented yet idiotic quest for revenge, too, but let's just move on.

Previously on Angel...gosh, this is a pretty comprehensive previously! It's about ninety seconds long and includes things going back to Season Two. So rather than link to every episode for the past year and a half, let's just skip it. I've got to ease back in to this recap stuff, you know.

We pan over a large table loaded down with all the food in the world. The reunited MoG are passing food back and forth and chattering happily. It looks like the munch is taking place in the Hyperion's lobby, and classical music is playing in the background. Cordy notices that Angel hasn't taken any food, and he cheerfully explains that he wants to "freeze this moment" and savor it. Gunn's got a goatee, which pleases me. Cordelia's still blonde, which does not. Wesley leans out of his comfy seat in the shadows and raises his glass in a toast: "To family." Glasses are clinked all around, then Cordy fills Angel's empty wine glass with water. She reassures Angel that nothing will separate them ever again, "and if anything tries, [she'll] have to go all glowy and personally kick its ass." Angel coos, "I like it when you glow." As they lean in for a kiss, Connor grumps, "Do I have to watch this part?" Connor, count yourself lucky that you haven't had ice cream ruined for you for all time. Although I get the feeling that the Hyperion's fridge is full of Pistachio. Angel chuckles and offers to poke Connor's eyes out, but finally just ruffles Connor's hair instead. Connor makes fun of Angel's hair, earning more points with the audience. Everyone else keeps piling more food onto their plates, but the dishes keep passing Angel before he can take anything. He finally snatches one platter, but it's empty. Then Angel knocks over his glass, which shatters on the floor. Cordy sighs, "Now look what you've done, silly."

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