Dead End

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Dead End

Downstairs, Angel and Lindsey find themselves in a spooky basement with about ten people sealed up in standard-issue cryogenic tubes. Some of the people are missing limbs. It would have been creepier, I think, if all of the people looked awake. Bradley does, when we get to him, but imagine if the people in all those tubes were moving just a little bit, enough to make it clear they were conscious? Yeah: creepy. Anyway, Angel says, "Your firm in action, Lindsey. A lot to be proud of, huh?" Lindsey is stunned to discover that Wolfram & Hart does icky, not-very-nice things. Not really. Angel spots a banner with a sigil on it, and says, "The Pockla blessed this place." He explains that Pockla demons "know how to regenerate flesh. [Which] probably explains why some of these transplants aren't taking too well." It does? If you say so. Angel points out Bradley Scott, the original owner of Lindsey's hand; Lindsey, of course, knows the guy. Well, isn't that convenient? Lindsey stares at Bradley and says, "We worked in the mailroom together." Bradley blinks blearily at Lindsey and hisses, "Kill...kill." Lindsey asks, "Kill who?" Bradley dutifully fulfills his role in the cliché by answering, "Kill me." This is the second time I've seen this exchange this week. Of course, the first time it was because someone's arms were being cut off and eaten by insane Sebaceans every time they regenerated, so it's not exactly the same. I hope.

After the ads, Bradley's still keen on his death wish. Lindsey turns and asks Angel what he's supposed to do. Angel unhelpfully responds, "I know what I'd do, but this is your deal." Isn't helping the helpless sort of Angel's deal, too? And if being held prisoner in an evil laboratory while demons graft your body parts onto other people doesn't make you helpless, I'd like to know what does. Angel grabs the Pockla insignia as he says that they don't have much time, so they have to help the ones they can. He starts smashing open the cryo pods while Lindsey stares at Bradley. Lindsey says, "I'm sorry," and unplugs Bradley's tube. Angel continues hustling other donors out, wrapping them all in the handy-dandy Pockla banners. Once Bradley's dead, Lindsey lends a helping hand by smashing random objects. Angel opens a few canisters of oxygen and heads upstairs, where he tells Lindsey to take the other people to the car. Once everyone's out of the building, Angel lights up some paper and tosses it down the stairwell before running out the door. The travel agency goes boom.

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