Dead End

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Dead End

Cordy's curled up at a desk, crying softly, while Gunn and Wesley peek in at her like yahoos. They move away and talk about the visions and how Cordy is suffering and how she went nuts last year, and yeah, okay, we get it. They overhear Cordy saying, "Angel? Where are you?" and gee, maybe Cordy is going bonkers. Ya think? Gunn and Wesley burst through the doors and discover that Cordelia's talking to Angel on the phone. Wesley, must you suck Gunn into your black hole of non-comedy non-stylings? I'm sure this scene is setting up further Cordy-angst, but I'm sure of that because there's no other reason for this scene to exist.

Angel and Lindsey blipvert down the road in the Angelmobile. Angel tells Lindsey about the guy who poked his eye out. Lindsey isn't in the mood for chatting. Angel says, "I guess it's a lot to carry. I mean, losing Darla...and even me in a way, as a place to focus your rage." He goes on poking Lindsey's psychological wounds for a while, and finally says, "You just keep on moping. You're good at that." I'd expect Angel to feel competitive about his moping abilities, actually. "I can out-mope you! I've had way more practice! You're not nearly as broody as I am!" Angel parks the car, and he and Lindsey open the trunk, revealing that they've got Ralph tucked away back there, wrapped up in duct tape. Angel pulls Ralph partly out of the trunk and asks, "That where you took him?" Ralph looks across the street at the storefront for Southern California Travel, and nods vigorously. Angel pops Ralph back in the trunk, and he and Lindsey head across the street. Angel says that if Wolfram & Hart's involved, there are probably window sensors and other complicated security measures. Lindsey says that he'll need a computer to hack into the system. He's a hacker now, too? Angel lifts his ax and says, "That seems like a big bother. Whaddya say we just fight, huh?" Lindsey automatically starts to put up his tiny dukes before Angel asks him to step aside. Finally comprehending, Lindsey moves away and Angel hurls the ax through a window. Is it a good idea to start a fight by tossing your opponents a big sharp weapon? Apparently it is, since a guy immediately rushes out to be decked by Angel. Angel and Lindsey head inside, and a couple more bad guys take part in the shortest fight scene ever. It's maybe ten seconds long. Wow. They stroll through the room for a moment and can tell, just from looking around, that the floor's hollow. Whatever. Angel opens the secret trapdoor, and does this whole part seem rushed or is it just me?

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