Dead End

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Dead End

At the Wolfram & Hart building, Lindsey sneaks into Number Two's office and boots up the computer. Guess what kind it is? And how does Lindsey have Number Two's password? And is their security actually getting worse as they go along? Anyway, Lindsey works his way through the OS, which contains lots of giant, helpful graphics and appears to have been designed for toddlers. He finally finds the files on the Special Projects division. First he pulls up Lilah's file, which seems to consist mostly of a big picture of her. What is the point of files that don't actually contain information? Next, he finds the file on the Fairfield Clinic.

Angel returns to the Hyperion, announcing, "The hand belongs to a thirty-year-old white male named Bradley Scott, served two and a half years at Soledad for embezzlement, paroled last month." Gunn asks how Angel got the information, and Angel says, "I'm a detective." Er, right. Cordy starts looking online for information about Scott, although I'm not sure why. Wesley presses Angel for more information on his research skills, and Angel finally says, "You know, when I was in charge here, nobody questioned my methods, or my singing." Cordy sniffs, "You're half right." Angel finally admits that he hired a detective to get the information. Oh, wacky. Cordy announces that Scott used to work for Wolfram & Hart. Angel adds that Scott saw his parole officer once after his release, and hasn't been seen since. Gunn summarizes the situation for no apparent reason except to earn some much needed screen time.

Lindsey sneaks out of Number Two's office and spies Lilah going through file cabinets. She pulls out a piece of paper and stuffs it into her bag, which also contains some pills and a revolver. Lindsey quietly backs away.

A random guy sits watching television in his apartment. We'll call him Ralph. Lindsey knocks on the door, and there's some back and forth of an uninteresting variety before the guy finally lets Lindsey inside. Apparently Ralph is a parole officer, and has done some work for Wolfram & Hart. Lindsey explains that he works for the same people, and that he wants to know where the clinic gets its body parts. Ralph insists that if Lindsey works for Wolfram & Hart, then he'll know the code. Unfortunately, Lindsey doesn't know the secret word that will enable him to win $100. Unhappy about that, Ralph wallops Lindsey.

After the ads, Ralph has pulled out a gun and is getting ready to shoot Lindsey when a trash can flies through the window. Ralph turns and fires at Angel, who ducks out of the way because bullets have no effect on him. Or something like that. Ralph drags Lindsey over to the window, pressing the gun to his head, and shouts, "I'm about to put a bullet in your buddy's brain, here!" Angel slips a rope around Ralph's neck, choking him as Lindsey grabs the gun away. I'm very surprised that Angel didn't snarl, "He's not my buddy!" while strangling Ralph. Maybe that was cut for time. While Angel holds Ralph, Lindsey turns and shouts, "What are you doing here?" He waves the gun around and insists, "I don't need you to save my life!" Angel encourages Lindsey to show some gratitude, but Lindsey goes on gesticulating with the gun as he demands, "Why aren't you trying to kill me?" Angel says, "I'm on a case here, Lindsey. Does everything always have to be about killing you all the time?" Heh. Ralph tries to squirm out of the line of fire, and when Angel pulls him back, Lindsey whines, "That's my lead! You're choking my lead!" Angel says, "If you want to get to the bottom of this, you've gotta learn how to play with others." The bickering continues as Angel asks Ralph for information about Bradley Scott. Ralph refuses, saying, "You can kill me, but Wolfram & Hart'll do a lot worse." There's a particularly jarring close-up of Angel as he gets his game face on, and then he makes an especially stupid "joke" about drinking Ralph's blood; the point is that Ralph agrees to talk. I thought we'd all come to an agreement about Angel's skill with quips. Specifically, about his lack thereof. Although there does seem to be an ongoing theme here about Angel's lousy sense of humor. Still. Ralph explains that he doesn't know much, but that Wolfram & Hart asked him to take Bradley to a particular address.

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