Dead End

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Dead End

At Caritas, Cary bops his head while Tracy Chapman sings onstage. Oh, wait, that's Lindsey. He totally sounds like Chapman, which is disturbing on several levels. He continues with his folk-rock stylings as Angel and the MoG enter. Cordy encourages Angel to pick a short song. Angel suggests "Stairway to Heaven," and Wesley replies, "Don't even joke about that." Then everyone stops as they realize who's singing. Cary strolls up and comments, "Isn't he fabulous?" He adds, "He used to come all the time before some caballero chopped off his strumming hand." Of course, you could rephrase that as, "He used to come all the time before he was dumb enough to threaten Cordelia's health while Angel was holding a scythe." Cordy, Gunn, and Wesley all make appreciative comments about Lindsey's abilities. Angel affects a dubious expression and asks, "You think he's good?" While everyone else in the room bops their heads to the beat, Angel snarks, "Pick a style, pal." Cary tells Angel to hush. Lindsey finally comes to a close, and it's nice that they brought the show to a halt so that Christian Kane could promote his singing abilities. Maybe he'll get a record contract as a going-away present. Cary hands Lindsey a drink and says that it's nice to have him "back in the saddle." By the way, Cary is wearing a suit that appears to have been made out of a very shiny bedspread. Lindsey explains his problem: "Look, I got a crazy man's hand here and it wants to kill...someone." Cary says, "You know what they say: 'The hand is quicker than the eye.' You'll get that later." Heh. Lindsey insists that he needs help, and Angel butts in, "I'll say! He might want to start with his singing!" He chuckles at his non-wit, while everyone else looks pained and compliments Lindsey. Angel wonders, "Is everyone drunk?" Lindsey asks why Angel is there, and Cary tries to cut through the antagonism: "Two enemies, one case, all coming together in a beautiful, buddy-movie kind of way." No one likes the idea of working together, and Cary asks, "Am I the only one who saw 48 Hours?" Lindsey snorts, puts his glass on the bar, and heads for the door, telling Angel, "If I see you outside the club, I'm gonna kill you." Angel looks happy about that. Cary tells Angel that Lindsey's the key to the case, makes another hand-related joke, and wanders off. Angel, of all people, figures part of it out, telling Cordy, "You said [that] the guy in your vision just got a new eye, and Lindsey's got a new hand." Wesley says that they should figure out where the transplants took place. Angel picks up Lindsey's glass and stares at the nice set of fingerprints on it.

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