Dead End

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Dead End

Lindsey retreats to his apartment. He sits at his desk with a steno pad, but it looks like he's got writer's block. Or at least his hand does. He finally starts gingerly poking at his right hand with his left, trying to encourage it. Still nothing happening. This is so goofy, I don't even know how to mock it. Lindsey pulls out a letter opener and uses it to prod his hand, drawing blood. No response. He drops the pen and picks up the letter opener with his right hand, toying with the pointy object in a dangerous fashion. Finally, Lindsey holds his hand up before his face and earnestly asks it, "Who are you?" This is the silliest scene ever. Or at least this season -- I keep forgetting about the climax of "I Fall to Pieces."

At the Hyperion, Angel accepts a box of food and tells the deliveryman, "Keep the change." The deliveryman exits, muttering, "Wow, a whole dollar just for me. I'm the luckiest deliveryman ever." Angel looks exasperated, but c'mon, a dollar? Spent all his spare change on the Cube, I guess. Angel carries the box over to the front desk and begins unpacking sandwiches. Cordy asks what all the stuff is, and Angel explains that he was hungry. "You don't eat food," Cordy reminds him. Angel insists, "I can. It doesn't keep me alive. But, y'know, sometimes I get a hankering." Cordy looks over the food and wonders whether he really had a "hankering" for four kinds of sandwiches, soup, and a salad. Angel finally admits, "I forgot what you liked." Cordy says that he could have asked, and Angel reminds her that she got testy when people asked whether they could do anything for her. Cordy looks over the spread and calmly tells Angel, "I love you." Angel's giant grin explodes over his face, frightening small animals. Cordy adds, "And you oughta do that more often." Well, I don't know about that. But that was a nice little angst-free friendship moment. Incidentally, I wonder who helped Cordy paint her pants on. She heads back to her desk with a sandwich, and gets another quick vision of Ward Cleaver. Angel hurries over to her, and Cordy says, "This is weird. Before he put the knife in his eye, he was happy. He was happy about his eye. Like, it was new or something."

Wesley and Gunn arrive, and Wesley says that Ward is actually Joseph Kramer. The Kramers have left town, claiming that Joseph got a promotion. Gunn broke into the house, which was empty and spotless. Or, almost spotless: Gunn holds up a piece of bloodstained molding and asks Angel, "Wanna sniff?" Angel pushes Gunn's hand down and asks, "How 'bout I just believe you?" Wow, Gunn, good idea: go up to the nice vampire who still occasionally feels tempted by his darker urges, and taunt him with the smell of human blood! After Cordy summarizes how little they know, Gunn notes, "We're at a dead end." Woohoo, we have a title! I'm not sure what it means, but it's a title. Angel sighs, "There's only one thing we can do now..." Various exclamations of horror as the MoG realize that Angel's going to have to sing at Caritas.

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