Dead End

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Dead End

Or so she thinks. Actually, Number Two is offering some suggestions regarding Angel: "Naturally, your attitude toward him would be...complex...but it's not very professional to air those feelings around your colleagues. People look up to you around here." So at Wolfram & Hart, it's okay to plot elaborate plans to engender mayhem and evil, as long as you don't seem to have a personal interest in the target? Actually, I can see that. Okay. The window buckles under the force of Lilah's Glare of Death as Number Two pats Lindsey on the shoulder. Number Two pulls out a business card and explains that he cleared Lindsey's calendar for the day in order to fit in a special appointment. All smiles, he escorts Lindsey to the door without providing any other details about what he has planned.

Hey, remember those clothes that Angel bought Cordelia? Are these them? If so, maybe he did lose his soul and become evil again. She's wearing a shirt that has a little lace-up slit on the right hip. Also, I don't think pale blue is her color. Anyway, she's talking to everyone about the vision: "He didn't feel crazy. He felt normal, you know? Until he started stabbing himself." Unfortunately, she doesn't have any useful suggestions on how to locate the guy. When Gunn presses her for details, Cordy starts snapping that she doesn't know, and Angel interrupts, "It's all right! We'll figure it out." Gunn accidentally nominates himself for the calling-local-hospitals detail. Wesley says he'll check out the morgues. Um, how? Can you just wander into morgues and ask, "Excuse me, has anyone turned up with grievous ocular damage today? I'm doing a survey." Does that work? If so, I may have a new hobby. Angel declares that he'll talk to his usual demon sources. Before leaving, Angel asks Gunn to keep an eye on Cordelia. But not in the sense of poking his eye out with a big knife and placing it on her body. I hope. After the others leave, Gunn offers to get Cordy a cup of tea. Cordy glares at him silently. Hey, it's not his fault. Sheesh.

Lindsey's getting the once-over at the Frankenstein Clinic. A doctor enters and introduces himself as Dr. Melman. Melman goes over Lindsey's paperwork and notes that he had "all the usual childhood diseases." Lindsey decides not to go into how his immune system got quite a workout when his siblings were dropping like flies at the old homestead, not to mention how he developed an incredible resistance to pneumonia by walking to school barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways. Melman asks whether Lindsey has any questions, and Lindsey off-handedly wonders if the doctor would like to share what exactly his plans are. Melman's surprised that Number Two didn't mention it, and notes that "they have a funny sense of humor over there." It seems that Wolfram & Hart help fund the clinic, and so they were able to move Lindsey "to the top of the transplant list." Melman says, "This is cause for applause," which rhymes, and says that Lindsey will be clapping along at the next hoedown in no time.

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