Dead End

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Dead End

The next day, Angel asks Cordy whether she's suffering any aftereffects from the visions. Cordy says that she feels better, and reluctantly admits, "They're starting to take their toll." Everyone stares at her as she tries to keep a stiff upper lip and adds, "It's part of the job, right?"

Wolfram & Hart. Everyone gathers in the conference room as Number Two commences the reevaluation of the Special Projects division. He starts with some comments about Lilah's many contributions. Lilah can tell where this is going, so she cries, "No!" and gets ready to pull her revolver out. Lindsey grabs her hands and calmly tells her, "They chose me." Number Two confirms that Lindsey's getting a promotion. Lindsey tells Lilah, "You could have had it. But you didn't have what it takes: an evil hand!" Lindsey prepares to sink his teeth into a rousing farewell scene, as he hops out of his chair and begins strolling around the room. "Who here does?" he asks, rhetorically. "Leon doesn't. Charlie doesn't!" He ruffles the hair of a befuddled Charlie as he wanders over to Number Two and asks, "You do know you gave me an evil hand, right?" Number Two retains his stoic demeanor. Actually, that's a good question. We'll skip the part where the hand is evil, since it was just suicidal. Sort of. But anyway, did Wolfram & Hart know about the likely aftereffects of the surgery, and if so, what did they hope to gain by inflicting them on Lindsey? I'm over-thinking again, aren't I? Lindsey continues his monologue: "I've been writing 'kill kill kill' on everything. It's crazy! It's crazy, anything could happen." Number Two calls, "Alan," as Lindsey wanders toward the security guard. Alan starts to pull out his gun, but Lindsey punches him and takes it away. Then he shoots Alan in the foot and yee-haws, "Ooo, that's gonna hurt in the mornin'!" While Alan writhes about on the floor, Lindsey aims the gun around the room, deadpanning, "Stop it, evil hand, stop it." He fires several times in Number Two's direction, and Number Two tries not to flinch as glass shatters behind him. Lindsey giggles, "I just can't control my evil hand." I may have to try this at my next review. Lindsey heads back over to Number Two, pausing to muss Charlie's hair again, and says, "If I woulda [sic] been in your shoes, I would have chosen Lilah." He mentions how Lilah has files on everyone there, detailing their illegal shenanigans. While Lilah looks on in confusion, Lindsey says, "Can you imagine if something were to happen to this girl, and those files got back to the senior partners? They'd eat you alive!" He insists that Lilah is the girl for the job, adding, "Me? I'm unreliable. I got [sic] these evil hand issues. And I'm bored with this crap. And besides, I'm leaving. So if you want to chase me, be my guest, and remember..." Lindsey holds up his hand and explains, "Evil." As he heads for the door, Lindsey whispers "good luck" to Lilah, and then either pinches or gooses her. Lilah gasps, and Lindsey gives one more "what can you do?" look as he says, "Evil." Hee hee. Once Lindsey's gone, Number Two suggests amending the minutes to reflect Lilah's promotion. He also recommends calling an ambulance for Alan.

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