Dead End

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Dead End

Previously on Angel, Angel went to work for the MoG. He also lopped off one of Lindsey's limbs, leading to the immortal line, "Let me wipe away the tears with my plastic hand!" Angel decided that if Lindsey didn't like his fake hand, maybe a conciliatory gesture was in order, so he smashed the prosthetic with a sledgehammer.

We blip our way to Lindsey's apartment. He's sleeping. With his non-stump hidden under the covers. And his charm bracelet guarding his other wrist against sneak attacks. Boring montage of Lindsey shaving, Lindsey picking out a pre-tied tie, etc., which I guess is done to establish that Lindsey only has one hand, in case anyone was still confused about the issue. Best moment: he opens his closet and stares sadly at his guitar. I cackle gleefully.

Cut to the Cleaver household. In several senses. Ward wanders out, griping about work. While he grabs breakfast, June hustles everyone else out to the van and calls back about the Beaver's book bag and vitamins. Ward grabs the book bag and, as he scans the newspaper, reaches out for a pill bottle on the counter. And instead, grabs a big, big knife. He moves toward the door and raises the knife toward his face; quick editing manages to convey that something terribly unpleasant happens.

At the Hyperion, Cordelia flails about as she goes on a vision quest. Blipverts of book bags dance her head, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn rush in and try to help Cordy. Okay, I really hate this new dynamic they've got going. Mainly because it used to be that all the sidekicks did things together, but now they're breaking out in all kinds of crazy combinations, and I don't have any convenient acronyms to use as shorthand for groupings like "Angel, Wesley, and Gunn." Plus, I find it disconcerting when the well-established order of things suddenly changes. It's like discovering that Stalin's dictatorship has been usurped by a band of filthy pirates. Well, sort of. Cordy gasps for breath while blood splatters on the book bag and Ward's shirt. The vision ends, and Cordy curls up on the floor and sobs while Angel holds her. Aw. We've established that I'm a sucker for comforting sick people, right? Just checking. I'll recover during the credits.

We're back, and it's time for a staff meeting at Wolfram & Hart. I just figured out that Nathan Reed reminds me of one of the many Number Twos on The Prisoner. He's discussing business, but I'm too busy wondering about the temperature on the set to pay much attention. Judging by Lilah, it's a little chilly in there. Boring law-talk ensues; Lilah suggests a way to handle a pending lawsuit, but then Lindsey suggests a better way. Number Two lies and claims he'll consider both options, and then asks about Angel's status. Lilah says that it's still up in the air, but that if the WB drops the show, UPN will pick it up. Oh, that's a different conversation. My mistake. Eager to chat about his favorite hand-smashing antagonist, Lindsey says that Angel is "a barrel of dead monkeys," and then Lilah steps in with a more helpful summary: her sources say that Angel's reunited with his pals, and seems to have overcome his pyromania. Number Two moves on to other business, and mentions that, on Friday, there will be a reevaluation of the Special Projects division. As the meeting room clears out, Lilah pulls Lindsey aside for no real reason except to remind us that she's very nervous about the pending reevaluation, and that Lindsey isn't. She tries to keep herself warm by clutching her paperwork to her chest while whining pointlessly at Lindsey. Number Two interrupts, asking for a word with Lindsey. Lilah glares through the office window while Lindsey and Number Two talk about what a nerd she is.

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