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Major Bad

Previously on Angel, Sahjhan offered Holtz a hand, Wolfram & Hart hedged their bets, Cary's club was trumped, and Darla folded. I've come with a little naming convention for the baby, which I'm sure you'll pick up on. Just in case, though: if you don't recognize a name, I'm probably referring to the kid.

It's raining and Angel's experienced a life-altering event, but he hasn't fallen down and started twitching. I don't even know who he is anymore. The MoG enter the Hyperion and pause to take in the rubble from the fight between Holtz and the commandos. The bodies have been removed, presumably by Lilah's friend Harvey. Gunn and Wesley are carrying weapons, because they're hunters. Cordy and Fred are carrying bags of baby goodies, because they're gatherers. Fred spots the cages and worries that whatever was in them could be loose in the hotel. Then she sees the neat labels which read "Baby" and "Mother." It's worse than you think, Fred, because the cage labeled "Cringe-Inducing Story Idea" is also empty. Gosh, where could it be? Oh, right there, in Angel's loving arms. Wesley complains, "Some bastard's blown a gaping hole in the lift." Angel says, "Sorry, my bastard." Huh? The baby didn't do it. There's a noise at the door, and everyone except Angel readies for an attack. Turns out it's just Cary, and not some baby-devouring demon. Pity. Cary explains that since the MoG are the reason Caritas keeps getting wrecked, they owe him a place to stay. While Gunn peels the "Baby" sticker off the cage, Cary asks for a chance to hold Cousin Oliver, but Angel's not inclined to share. Cordy explains that Angel's been a bit overprotective so far. There's a scratch on Cousin Oliver's cheek, and Cordy offers to put ointment on it. Angel grabs the ointment and insists on taking care of it himself. He does. And that's a full minute of airtime gone. Cordy snarks at Angel, but her heart ain't in it. Gunn picks up a cleaverish thing left by Dr. Fetvanovich, and Fred asks if Gunn thinks he could throw it. Why? Because there's a demon storming into the lobby. Whoosh, cleaver to the neck. Wesley explains, "Angel's son is part of the prophecy. Everyone and everything will be coming for him." First good news I've heard this evening. Gunn says they need a plan. Since baby hijinks aren't bad enough, how about some misdirection-based comedy? Angel says, "I think I figured it out." The MoG wait expectantly. "He wet himself," Angel explains. No problem, you can use pages from the script as diapers. Oh wait, someone already did. Credits. Thirty-eight minutes to go. Heavy sigh.

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