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In the lab, Fred and Knox are poring over paperwork. Knox says, "We did do some work with Fries on illegal pesticides, rodent-killers, but this guy Lopez..." He heads over to the computer and starts to look up Lopez's records. "He was fired. [beat] Oh, no, I'm sorry: he was set on fire." Heh. Knox is just likable. On the one hand, it's really silly to have yet another new character inserted just for this expositional stuff, especially when this conversation could have just as easily been between Fred and Wesley, not that I'm crying out for more scenes with Wesley, but really, there's no need to use Knox this much. But I like Knox, so I don't mind. He almost makes up for Fred! Knox also learns that Lopez was linked to a cult called "The Black Tomorrow," which specializes in disease scenarios. Do cults really "specialize" in things? I guess they sort of do, but that seems like an odd way to describe it. Fred grumps that it's probably a disease that Wolfram & Hart helped create, and then Angel calls. Fred gives him the bad news.

In Spanky's apartment, Spanky is lying unconscious on the floor. Fred asks if Angel knows where the container is. Angel very, very tensely says that he does. But he's not saying where. Oh, suspense, mystery, where do you think he --

Cut to the classroom that was helpfully established twenty minutes ago. Matt is talking to a classmate. We zoom in. And in. And in, until we're pressed up against Matt's chest. Ah. So, no suspense at all, then? Okay.

Commercials. That Bally's ad with the dominatrix? That's just peculiar. Now I wonder if the scene with Spanky was a really obscure form of cross-promotion. Spanky did talk about how nice his ass was, and mentioned that he'd just been working out. I don't understand anything anymore. I call Johanna, and we complain bitterly about the lack of shirtless Gunn.

We're still on the phone when the show starts up again, and the camera zooms through a colorful little 2001 tunnel before arriving back in the doctor's office. Where Gunn is shirtless. "Shirtless Gunn!" I screech. Later, I worry that I just frightened my neighbors. Gunn's sweaty, too. And there are lots of wires and a silly head-cage attached to him. He sips some water and pants as the doctor asks if he wants to stop. Gunn asks if they're finished. Gunn, would the doctor ask if you wanted to stop if you were done? Needless to say, they're not. Gunn says, "Then shut up and do it." The doctor ducks behind all the gadgetry, and Gunn is jolted by something.

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