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Wesley enters and nods to Harmony. Angel's surprised by Wesley's lack of surprise, and asks if he knew Harmony was there. It turns out that Wesley picked Harmony from the steno pool, because he thought "a familiar face would be just the thing in a place like this." Well, that certainly makes...what? Angel sighs, "You turned evil a lot faster than I thought you would." Heh. Harmony insists that it'll be swell, adding, "Cordy is gonna lose it when she finds out!" Oh, Harmony, look what you did. Angel starts a-moping, and finally expositions, "Cordy's sick. She's in a coma." Harmony asks if she'll recover; Angel doesn't know. Nor is he trying to do anything about it. Because that's the kind of guy Angel is. Now. Harmony is upset for several seconds: "Cordy was my best friend, like, my whole life. She's my role model. How can she.... So, anyway, I really think you should not fire me, and Wes does, too." Wesley asks Harmony to ask some visitors into Angel's office, and off she goes. Angel's still moping in a nonproductive way, and Wesley insists that they'll find some way to help Cordelia. Sometime. Maybe. If they're not too busy. I understand that Charisma Carpenter is off the show and they don't want to spend a lot of time talking about that; I understand that they want to establish this new premise quickly, and so I understand that this dangling bit of story would be tricky to handle. But there was actually a simple solution to this problem: Set this episode several months after "Home," and say that the MoG are just starting to work at Wolfram & Hart because they've been trying unsuccessfully to cure Cordelia all summer. You'd have to change maybe ten lines, it wouldn't be any more confusing to new viewers, and your characters wouldn't look quite so much like thoughtless twits. Or you could have only Angel gone for the summer, since that's practically traditional, and then all of the other characters are adjusted to Wolfram & Hart but Angel is still new and asking questions that prompt a lot of exposition. There's probably an even better solution, but that's what I came up with after thinking about it for five minutes. Which was apparently a lot more time than the writers spent on it.

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