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And the camera pulls back so that we can see Cary, who seems to be completely comfortable there, because quotes ironically juxtaposed with events equal sure-fire comedy. Cary's on the phone telling someone, "It's the project you've been waiting for. Yeah, it's Joanie Loves Chachi meets The Sorrow and the Pity. It's Joanie Loves Pity." He pauses long enough to tell a flunky who's showing him carpet samples, "Yeah, that carpet's great, because I want our clients to become dizzy and vomit." As he passes by the elevators, the camera lingers and Angel steps out. Don't get me wrong: it's impressive to do this all in one take, because that takes a lot of work and coordination and timing. But if it's not adding something to what's actually happening, you're just doing a lot of work to impress people with all the work you did. Possibly because you want to draw attention to all the work you did, because you're very, very bitter that you haven't gotten an Emmy. Just a theory.

Anyway, Angel, too, is confused by the double-doored elevators, and finally wanders out to join Gunn and Wesley. He asks if they heard what happened to him last night. Gunn asks, "You got lucky?!" They start to pedeconference as Angel describes the events of the teaser. Angel declares, "If they wanna see how I handle running Wolfram & Hart, they're gonna find out. Everything must go!" He leads them into his office and turns. "Starting with that."

The camera swings around to reveal my old enemy Sarah Thompson sitting on the edge of Angel's desk. Angel's office is completely different from the one he was offered in "Home," not that I care very much. Sarah chirps, "Hi. It's really neat to see you guys," and we finally stop the tracking shot as she apologizes for intruding. Angel guesses, "You like to make an entrance," prompting her to respond, "You always open both doors when you enter a room?" Angel says, "No, I usually just snap 'em off their hinges, because I hate doors." Not really. Sarah introduces herself as Eve, their "liaison to the firm." She adds, "And just so we get the whole irony thing of the way..." tossing a shiny red apple to Angel. That's the second time so far that a person has tossed a thing across a room. Maybe they have a very literal definition of what it takes to be an "action" show. Eve explains that she answers to the Senior Partners, adding that the MoG can't use her to get to them. She non-explains, "I answer to them. I don't lunch with them. Wesley says that's a powerful position for a young woman, in order to prompt Eve's response: "How exactly can you be sure I'm either of those things?" Got me there. Angel says that he thought he was in charge, and it's Eve's turn for exposition as she agrees that Angel's in charge "of the Los Angeles offices of a multi-dimensional corporation." However, she adds, "We're a business, and we have a bottom line." She concedes that the MoG could just kill most of their clients, since a lot of them are evil, but there's a catch: "In order to keep this business running, you have to keep this business running. And that means keeping your clients -- most of them, anyway -- happy." Gunn grumbles about letting their clients get away with things. Eve says, "They were getting away with it while you were all sitting around your hotel waiting for the phone to jangle. You're on the ins now, and you can stop the worst of it." She declares this "a crazy time of fun," and asks if Angel's scared. By way of reply, Angel just bites in the apple, crunchily and dramatically. This is so stupid. While he's still chewing, Eve points out the client files. We cut before he can finally swallow and gasp, "It tastes like...cheese."

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