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Cary notes, "'Saving the day' meant getting the scumbag who was ready to sacrifice his own son off on a technicality, and then returning said son to said scumbag." Wesley says that they have time to undo the spell now, so li'l Matt will be just fine. And there's no reason to think that Fries will use that time to do something else horrific to protect himself! Because it's not like he could have even more of that virus! Gunn adds that he can postpone the new trial for months, and during that time Fries will have to be, I guess, slightly less evil. Fred wonders if they're going to be able to accomplish anything at Wolfram & Hart, but Angel insists that they will: "We came to Wolfram & Hart because it's a powerful weapon, and we'll figure out how to wield it." This is reassuring? He adds, "Sooner or later, they'll tip their hand, and we'll find out why they really brought us here." Oh, yeah. Because having you hamstrung and even stupider than usual isn't a good goal in itself. He grabs that mysterious envelope from off of his desk and waves it around as she suggests taking things one at a time. He rips the envelope open as he concludes, "We deal with whatever happens next." The Amulet of Assitude drops out of the envelope and onto the floor. I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't a particularly witty name for the thing, but it's certainly proved to be accurate. The amulet starts glowing, and the MoG back away from it nervously. A dusty cloud whirls up with a scattering of Christmas tree lights, and solidifies into a body. And then there's a guy with bleached hair and a leather duster screaming in the middle of the room. He glares around. Wesley stares at their visitor and says, "Spike?" Is he planning to build a railroad? Angel grrs, "Spike." Harmony pokes her head into the office and chirps, "Blondie-bear?" Oh, Spike! I remember him now. But how can they be sure it's him and not that other guy? A title card reads "To be continued..." so I guess we'll find out.

Next week, Angel and that other guy are "the new dream team." And there's a hard-rockin' score to the promo that is just hilarious, but it's probably not meant to be. Okay, you finally got me. I admit it; I'm finally genuinely sorry that Firefly was cancelled.

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