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Cut to Fries's trial. Cary is sitting in the back, in "disguise." He's wearing his fedora, and gloves, and sunglasses. But he's still bright green. Yes, it worked fine in Vegas, but there are many differences between the Vegas strip and a Los Angeles courtroom. Most of the people working in Vegas have to be competent at their jobs, for example. Keel is objecting to something, and the judge is mocking him. Cary steps outside and phones Angel. He says, "I'm gonna go ahead and recommend we get that boy into isolation pronto." Angel asks if Fries looks ready to "say the word." I want to know what the word is. Cary says that Fries knows he's dead meat. Angel tells Cary to stay put, and says he'll head over to Matt's school.

Cut to the inside of a completely inconspicuous black surveillance van, where Hauser & Co. are listening in on the phone conversation. Hauser tells his troops, "Let's show the new boss how a threat is contained." He adds that they'll take out the entire classroom, and anyone nearby: "No survivors, no witnesses." Angel's problem is, at least on paper, interesting enough without adding in these clowns. But I guess he couldn't have a big fight in the last act unless there were some unambiguously evil people around to keep things dull.

Commercials. Johanna notes, "I don't think they have a very efficient use of space at Wolfram & Hart."

In Angel's office, Wesley says that it could take days for Fred's team to come up with an antidote, and that he's no closer to finding a way to remove the vessel from the kid. Angel says he has to get to the school. Harmony has to interrupt a few times before they allow her to mention that Hauser's team left for the school ten minutes ago. She says, "They called for the cleaners to meet there. I have it from some of the girls [that] 'cleaners' means a big job. Lots of bodies." Wesley says Angel won't be able to get the school in time. But dammit, Angel has to try! Harmony again tries to interrupt.

The inconspicuous big black van races along the street.

At the school, the class is still in session.

Wesley enters the courtroom and sits down next to Cary. Wow, he got there in no time at all. So the court is, like, next door to the Wolfram & Hart building? Or maybe Angel dropped him out of the helicopter as they passed over the courthouse. Oh look, I gave away the joke. Shame. Wesley asks how it's going, and then sees Fries glaring at them and says, "Never mind." Cary asks what the plan is, and Wesley pulls his jacket open to show a pistol. Wesley likes guns. And the courthouse has shitty security.

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