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The camera glides along a catwalk on an upper level as we watch Fred and Wesley walking below us and way, way off in the distance. Where are my opera glasses? Fred says that they've identified a few diseases that Fries might have taken, but there's no antidote for them. She sighs, "I'm trying, Wesley." By now, they've reached the staircase, and the camera stays perched on top so they're still pretty far away. It's certainly a nice composition, with the stair railing leading your eye down, but I keep waiting for Grover to start explaining, "Now I am near...and now I am far," because then there'd be a reason to keep the actors as far away from the camera as possible. But then again, it is Fred and Wesley. Maybe they're trying to spare me for a change. Wesley says, "I'm not doing much better. I can't disable the trigger if I don't know the magic word." So when he says he's not doing much better, he means he's not really accomplishing anything at all. It's "not much better" in the sense that it's actually "even worse." Fred and Wesley comment on how upset Angel seems to be by the whole thing. Because normally he's pretty calm about the possibility of millions of people dying horrible, agonizing deaths. They take a moment, and then Fred heads upstairs as Wesley walks off.

Angel's leaning over his desk to brood. Eve enters and asks if he's having a tough day. Angel mutters, "His son. He took a lethal virus, and he stuck it inside his son." Eve takes her cue to explain that Angel gave up his own son, explaining, "He's happy and well-adjusted now that he has no memory of you," heh, "and the rest of the world, including your best friends, never even heard of Connor." Angel snaps, "That's not a name I want passing through your lips." Eve asks what he would like passing through her lips. Oy. Angel says, "News flash: you're not cute when I'm angry." What a bad line. And now, back to the plot: Angel says he'll isolate the kid to keep the virus from spreading. Eve says, "If every case hits you this hard, you're not gonna last a week." Well, how likely is it that every single case they have will involve terrible fath-- wait, this is Whedon's only show now? Okay, forget I asked that. Angel tells Eve to stay away until he asks for her, adding, "I don't want to hear another word right now unless you decide to start helping out." Eve smirks, "How do you know I'm not?" Well, the lack of help is kind of a clue.

Back to the lab. The desk is now covered with lovely photos of disease victims, and also leftover Chinese food. I could go for some crab rangoon right now. Blah blah viruscakes, Knox says he'll ask someone to run some tests. Fred flips out at the fact that her staff isn't taking their impending death very seriously. She rants at them for a minute, concluding, "When blood starts streaming out of our noses, eye sockets, and fingernails, I'll have the intense satisfaction of knowing that I'm dying with the only people in the world that actually deserve it! Now, focus, people!" I understand that she's stressed out, and maybe the people she's supervising aren't paying attention to anything she says, but does that mean she should go on a little tirade like that? Hang on, I just thought of a comparable situation, and now I'm pretty sure that yes, she should. And she should bump up their warn levels, too. You can't catch me that easily.

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