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Invasion of the Body Snatcher

Previously on Angel, not-handsome Angel saved Fred from the monsters, Fred hid in her room, Gavin and Lilah discussed strategy, Cordy got bumpy, and Angel got protective.

The MoG are hanging out in the Hyperion's lobby. Wesley's hunched over the front desk, reading. Gunn's hunched over the front desk, playing with his unostentatiously product-placed electronic game, and Cordy is hunched over the round sofa, reading a magazine. Okay, they don't have tables, fine, but there are two perfectly serviceable couches in the lobby! Well, don't come crying to me when you all have backaches. Fred strolls up behind Cordy and startles her. Cordy screams. Wesley flails about in surprise. Gunn says, "Hey Fred," without looking up. While this won't win any comedy awards, it's worth noting that this gag didn't rely on misdirection, and its basic premise is that Gunn is cool. I appreciate both of those things. Fred looks at the magazine Cordy's flipping through, and asks, "Why do girls want to look like that? I spent years in a cave, starving. What's their excuse?" Okay, heh. And it's nice to acknowledge Fred's skeletal appearance in a way that doesn't glorify it. On the other hand...Fred's culture-shock seems a little peculiar, since she was still basically an adult when she went to Pylea. It's not like supermodels of the living dead are a new trend. Fred looks around and asks if "everyone's just readin' and hangin' out?" Cordy takes the hint and says that Angel's upstairs. Fred dreamily supposes that Angel is reading "The Brothers Karamazav, Joyce, a little Goethe to round things out...." The misdirection-based-comedy alarm goes off as Angel wanders our, holding a newspaper, and begs someone to explain Blondie to him. Well, no, he's just excited about a "Charlton Heston double feature at the Nu Art: Soylent Green and The Omega Man!" Angel's a Charlton Heston fan? I wouldn't have guessed that. But I never would have guessed I'd mention Heston in two consecutive recaps, so what do I know? It makes plenty of sense that Angel would enjoy The Omega Man, although I kept expecting someone to explain that, because I bet a large portion of the audience won't get that joke. Maybe they do, because they heard about the possible remake. Now that I've depressed myself, let's move on. Angel asks whether anyone else wants to go, but only Fred is interested. Angel tells her, "You may not know this, Fred, but certain friends and co-workers have been known to accuse me of being the quiet, stay-at-home, sulky one." Fred smiles dizzily and takes his arm as they head for the door.

We cut across town to a ménage à trois, already in progress. Or technically, not in progress, thank goodness. Two women are begging their beefy companion for a time-out. One woman is still wearing a teddy, while the other drapes herself with one of those special L-shaped sheets. The stud, who we'll eventually learn is named Woody Raglan -- bwa ha ha! Uh, sorry. Hee. Mr. Raglan gets out of bed and fixes himself a martini so that we can admire his various bulgy muscles. Ew. After chugging his martini -- again, ew -- he heads back to the bed and asks, "Ready for round four?" We haven't even gotten to the credits and I've already hit my "ew" quota. Luckily, he suddenly winces in pain. He tells the girls, "It's been fun," and starts chanting a spell. After a minute of this, the Vorlon he was hiding leaps out of his eyes and mouth in a blaze of light and scurries away. The girls look on as his body melts in on itself in a effect that isn't too bad until we see it finally collapse into a puddle of flesh-covered latex. Maybe you should have cut that last shot, guys.

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