Blood Money

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Blood Money

After the ads, Anne says to Lindsey, "That guy who beat up Angel, he wasn't human!" Lindsey starts to explain that "there's a different world," and Anne interrupts with, "I'm not naive." Lindsey tries again, "Angel's a vampire. He's a sick, deranged --" Anne interrupts again, mentioning that Angel said Wolfram & Hart would steal the money from the fundraiser. Lindsey says that Angel's lying. Anne says that Angel said that he, that is, Angel, has proof. This is a really hard conversation to recap. Lindsey blinks for a second at the mention of proof, but again insists that Angel is lying. He discusses how the kids at the shelter will lose out if she makes the wrong choice about who to believe. "So he doesn't have proof?" Anne asks. Again, Lindsey hesitates before replying, "He can't have proof." I assume he added, "Uh, because it isn't true, that is, not because it's true but impossible to prove! Ha ha!" But we don't see that part because...

We jump to Lilah asking, "He's got proof?" She and Lindsey are taking a little nighttime stroll. Lindsey says, "If he's got proof, it came from you," and accuses her of blabbing. Lilah responds, "You're the one with the sporadic professional death wish! How do I know you're not on one of your kamikaze missions with me as your co-pilot?" Heh. Lindsey says he only talked about the plan with Lilah, and only in his office, which is swept for bugs three times a day. He finishes, "I never discussed stealing the money in public!" Lilah reads my mind by saying, "Until now..." and looks around nervously. They go on worrying about what Angel will do with the tape. I missed the part where they knew for a fact that the evidence is a recording. Oh, I didn't miss it: it didn't happen. Lindsey figures that Angel will humiliate them in public, and Lilah figures Angel will give the tape to a reporter. Lindsey says that isn't personal enough: "He's gotta be there." He pulls out a cell phone and orders that security be doubled at the fundraiser, and asks for a vampire detector to be there as well.

Anne's back in her office. Angel enters. Hey, Anne's got those generic inspirational posters that talk about "Pride" and "Inspiration" and things like that. I don't know why, but that amuses me. Although, now that I think about it, it'd be funnier to see them on the walls at Wolfram & Hart. Maybe they're donations. Angel sounds for all the world like a thirteen-year-old girl when he asks, "What did Lindsey say about me?" Anne says that Lindsey described Angel as "a psychotic vampire who cut off his hand, harassed his firm, and is borderline schizophrenic." Angel asks if Anne believes him. Anne says that she's sure he's a vampire, since he survived the big fight. "And that doesn't frighten you?" Angel asks. Anne gives a nod to "Lie to Me," saying, "A few years ago it would have been a big turn-on. I thought vampires were the coolest." Angel asks what changed her mind, and Anne says, "I met one." Angel says, "You're not afraid of me." She replies, "I've seen worse things since," but doesn't go into the events of "Anne." This couldn't be any more confusing, could it? She says, "I've seen a 14-year-old girl sitting in her own blood after a rough trick, and dozens of people walking right by, so vampires, demons, even lawyers pretty much don't impress me." I like it when they imply that people can be a lot worse than the supernatural yuckiness. Anne goes on to say that if evil lawyers want to raise $2 million for the shelter, that's fine. Angel points out that she may only see 5% of that, and Anne says that $100,000 is still a pretty sizable donation. Angel asks, "What about the other 95%? You don't care where that's going, who that could be hurting?" Anne pauses and says, "I can't." Angel says, "There's blood on that money." Actually, there isn't; his argument is that there will be blood on it. Sorta. Probably. Anyway, Angel guilts her, and asks her to get him inside the fundraiser. He pulls out a microcassette and says, "I put this on, the world sees a whole new side of Wolfram & Hart." Yeah, because the idea that a lot of the money raised for charity actually goes to professional fundraisers will be a shock. Not. Anne says she won't do it.

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