Blood Money

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Blood Money

Angel's suite. It's so strange that I can't say, "Angel's batcave," or "Angel's crazy mansion," or "Angel's mysterious apartment." "Angel's room" sounds so normal. Well, comparatively. He looks at the photos of Lindsey. He looks at Anne's driver's license. Which says that she's Anne Steele, residing at 5632 Willoughby Avenue, and that she's 5'8" and weighs 110 pounds. All of it neck. No birth date. Angel pulls downs a couple of the photos. What was the point of this scene?

Merl enters his home, carrying some take-out Chinese food. He's grabbed and smashed into the wall. Merl assumes that his attacker is Angel, and insists that he "didn't say nothing to that guy." But when Merl turns around, he sees that he's actually being visited by Lilah and some thugs. Merl wonders, "Does everybody know where I live? I gotta get myself a new lair." Seriously. Lilah wants to know what Merl's been doing for Angel. Merl tells her about Anne.

Anne's in her palatial office, late at night, when she hears mysterious noises outside. She wanders out and is startled to find Angel there. He has to talk to her. Anne worries, "You're not stalking me, are you?" Angel says that actually, come to think of it, he is, and shows her the photos he has taken of her. Then he hands back her wallet. I'm still not sure why he took it. Anne says she's going to call the cops, but Angel says, "I'm not going to hurt you, I just couldn't go on lying to you any more." He explains that he's really interested in Wolfram & Hart, and suggests that they're going to keep most of the profits from the fundraiser. Anne isn't convinced. Now, is Angel being sincere here, or is this also part of his plan? And does it really make a difference either way? I guess he'd be less "dark & creepy" if it was sincere, so maybe it's part of the plan. Anyway, that's when Lindsey arrives. He's the very picture of concern, solicitously ('Cause he's a lawyer. It's sad when I'm reduced to pointing out my jokes, isn't it? Ah well.) asking Anne if Angel hurt her. Lindsey turns to Angel, grins an evil grin, and says, "I'm just glad that I got here in time." Angel growls, "A little over the top. Maybe if you worked on that look of concern." More sniping. Angel tells Lindsey, "You haven't seen anything yet." Lindsey responds, "Neither have you," and then Boone enters. Angel says to Boone, "Working for Wolfram & Hart? I thought you had integrity." Boone says that he does, "and here's fair warning." Then steel cables wrap around his hands. Fighting. Very annoying jump cuts. I'm still trying to figure out the cables. Judging by the clanging noises, I think we're supposed to believe that when he punches, that's what he's connecting with. And that would definitely hurt. But the cables look like they wrap around the back of his hand, not the knuckles. My knowledge of fistfights is minimal, but that just seems unhelpful. There is one really nice bit where Boone punches Angel so hard that he's knocked off his feet and spins around in midair before falling down. There may have been other cool things, but when each shot is a half-second long, it's rather hard to tell. C'mon, guys; I'd rather see nice work done by people who are obviously stunt-doubles than get this impressionistic direction where I can't actually see what's happening. So, Angel gets pummeled and finally races out the door. Boone starts after him, but Lindsey pulls him back. Boone growls, "He's getting away!" Lindsey loudly declares, "That's fine, as long as he's not threatening my client!" More quietly, he adds, "Soon. But not here." Boone leaves, and Lindsey turns to reassure Anne.

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