Blood Money

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Blood Money

Boone explains that he hasn't seen Angel "since Juarez in the twenties. We had a little disagreement over a señorita." Boone tells us a story about how he and Angel fought for three and a half hours, but when the sun came up, Boone let Angel go because he's a sportsman like that. Boone continues, "I'm in a karaoke bar downtown when I get wind of this lizard demon, Merl, who sometimes does favors for the vampire with a soul." Merl said that Angel was after Lindsey and Lilah. So Boone has found them, figuring that if he sticks close, the next time Angel pays a visit, "he's gonna find [Boone] instead." For an instant Lindsey turns into Michael Keaton in Johnny Dangerously as he says, "I like it, and I'll tell you why: because of the finding you instead part. How much do you charge?"

Boone doesn't want money; he just wants to know who's better. Lilah is hesitant about getting Angel killed, so Lindsey pulls her outside for a quick conference. Lilah reminds Lindsey that the senior partners want Angel alive. She asks, "What if this guy's actually as good as he says and actually kills Angel?" Could you say "actually" a few more times, Lilah? Lindsey stares at her and snarks, "Boo. Hoo. Let me wipe away the tears with my plastic hand!" Hee hee! He adds that if Angel isn't going to play by the rules, they won't either, and heads back inside to talk to Boone. If I hear one more word about how all of the characters are breaking the rules, I will go mad. Note to the writers: it's more convincing if you actually have the characters behaving in stunning and unexpected ways. Instead of just having them stand around blathering about how, wow, they sure aren't playing by the rules any more. Or is Lindsey's lack of appropriate office-wear supposed to be this week's shocker? Ah well.

Cordelia's apartment. The MoG are sitting on the couch, relaxing with some forties. Snicker. Hey, and there are four cans on the table! Hi, Phantom Dennis! Gunn and Wesley are telling Cordy about their sewer adventure. The high point is when Wesley talks about how "Gunn is running [the monster] through, pulling out intestines the size of your leg!" Ew. Cordy, amazed, asks, "You weren't scared?" Wesley and Gunn stare at each other for a second, then Wesley sighs, "Oh, mother in heaven." Gunn adds, "Pants-wettin', praising-the-lord-to-save-you kind of scared, all right?" Ego strokes all around, as they toast each other. Cordy grimaces after sipping. Wesley doesn't. He is so not at all English, kids. Cordelia nervously mentions that she started looking for an office, and she found a place. Gunn and Wesley are eager to see it. Humorless banter about which of them to name the agency after. When Gunn suggests naming it after him, Cordy improvises a little step-show, chanting, "I've got a gun, and my name is Gunn." Both she and Gunn look genuinely amused by this little piece of strangeness, which helps it go down more easily. Cordy's sparkly spaghetti-strap top has a giant hole centered over her sternum. What is it that causes the costume department to hate the cast so much?

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