Blood Money

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Blood Money

Lilah strolls through the garage toward her car, turns off the alarm, and gets in. She adjusts the mirror, allowing us to see the empty seat, and thereby telling us that Angel is in the car. Lilah is unfamiliar with the rules of the show, though, so she is startled when she turns to back the car out and sees Angel there. Angel congratulates Lilah on her recent promotion. He says, "You know what the real special part is? To think that, maybe, in my small way, I helped make it happen for you. Makes me feel all good inside." Lilah's weirdness meter ticks over, and she moves to get out of the car, but Angel grabs her shoulder. Lilah tells him that she and Lindsey are now in a position to affect policy, and so "things will change." Angel obscurely says that he gets it now, and, "It's actually kind of fun when you know the rules. I mean, when you know that there aren't any." He leans forward and hisses, "You screw with me, and you screw with me, and you screw with me. And now, I get to screw with you." Lilah tries to interrupt, but Angel chirps, "It's gonna be great!" Lilah moans, "Please..." and Angel whispers, "No, no, no. The begging, that comes later." And then whoosh, he vanishes without even opening the car door. Nice trick.

Blipvert. The next day, Lilah complains to Lindsey about her close encounter of the creepiest kind. Lindsey is less than sympathetic, perhaps because when Angel pays him a visit, Lindsey gets tossed around and throttled. He's also perched up on his desk like a five-year-old. And he's not wearing a tie. Or even a jacket. Lindsey, as a joint acting co-vice whatever-you-are, shouldn't you at least wear a tie? Lindsey says, "Relax, Angel doesn't kill humans. At least, not with his own hands." I had to think about that for a second for some reason. He means Darla & Dru, which you probably already knew. Some days I'm a little slow. And damn it, Angel seems pretty willing to kill humans who are trying to kill other humans. It doesn't come up often, but let's drop the idea that it's the line he won't cross, because he will. Lilah says that Angel isn't playing by the rules, because that metaphor is still fresh in her mind from the last scene. Then Lindsey's secretary announces via intercom that Lindsey's ten o'clock appointment has arrived. Lindsey says, "I don't have a ten o'clock." The secretary replies, "I'm not gonna tell him that." Lindsey goes to the door and in comes Boone. Introductions are exchanged. Boone says he has a grudge with Angel. Dramatic music swirls around and takes us to the commercials.

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