Blood Money

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Blood Money

Anne shows off her office, which she describes as "small." It isn't. It's so not-small, in fact, that there's a cot there. And a big desk, and chairs, and a lot of windows, and a wet bar, and a pool table, and over by the door there's a small pride of lions who are getting ready to sneak up on the peaceful herd of gazelle we can see grazing in the distance. Anne explains the cot by saying that sometimes she works late, and it's easier to crash at the office than to go home. Why are they establishing this? I haven't a clue. Perhaps this is supposed to establish that Anne's office counts as her home, and so Angel had to get invited in, which he was? But that doesn't make a lot of sense either. Maybe it's just to establish her dedication. For some reason. Anne says the shelter is supported entirely by donations, although they have a "guardian angel." Angel wonders who's using his name (and job description) in vain. Anne goes on about how wonderful Wolfram & Hart has been, and says that "they're the ones who came up with the idea for 'The Big Hold-Up.'" The which? It's a fundraiser, at which "big TV celebrities run around pretending to rob the guests of their donations." Wolfram & Hart is now accepting applications for their growing "freaky ideas" department, by the way. Anne goes on to say that Wolfram & Hart are paying for the fundraiser, "plus they have connections to all the TV stars." "That's not surprising," Angel smirks. I'll leave that one alone, if you don't mind.

Once again, Merl heads for his door. Once again, it's banged into his head. This time a big blue demon is the one being rude. Meet Boone. He's grizzled and wearing a long duster and he kinda reminds me of the Saint of Killers. Only blue. So the Saint of Killers crossed with the Tick. Excuse me, I have to take a ten-minute giggle break while I think about a conversation between the Saint of Killers and the Tick. Tee hee! Okay, I'm back. Boone asks if Merl is, well, Merl. Merl says, "My name's Ed...uh, Silverman." Why do I feel like this was the set-up for a "funny, you don't look like a Silverman" joke that was mercifully discarded? Boone is not fooled, and says that Merl is "Angel's lackey." Merl prefers "independent contractor." After Boone steps on his fingers, Merl admits that Angel asked him to help out with some surveillance. Merl asks, "Who the hell are you, anyway? IRS?" Boone says that he has a history with Angel. Merl says, "That's nice. What, did you guys go to college together?" Boone asks who Merl was tailing for Angel, and why. Merl describes Anne and her connection to Wolfram & Hart, and explains that Angel is particularly focused on a certain pair of lawyers. Boone's interested is piqued.

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