Blood Money

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Blood Money

Cut to the "Newt's hideaway" set. Oh, now it's Merl's place. He starts to open the door, and from outside, Angel pushes it into his nose. Merl says he won't invite Angel inside. Angel enters and reminds the world that an invitation isn't necessary for him to enter a "demon lair." Merl says, "Yeah, but it's polite." Angel worries that Merl is avoiding him: "I ask you for a favor, and you're avoiding me. That's impolite." Merl points out that leaving him dangling upside down in a sewer "ain't exactly Emily Post." Years of Moonlighting, Cheers and Remington Steele cause me to begin wondering when they'll just admit they're in love with each other. Angel says, "So we're both rude. Y'know what? I can live with that." He doesn't say it in a particularly menacing way, as you'd expect, though. Because they're in love. Then Angel starts unenthusiastically threatening violence if Merl doesn't provide him with some information. About this time, we can see the tattered furnishings, and, incongruously, an Indigo iMac posed on a table in the background. Merl gives in and plops into an armchair. He says, in full Nicholson-Slater-imitation mode, "I checked out the girl. She's clean, chaaaanged her naaaame a couple of times, but no record." Angel asks how Anne is connected to Wolfram & Hart. Merl says that the shelter almost lost its lease a few months previously, but Wolfram & Hart helped them out pro bono. Angel says that Anne's still working with them, and Merl petulantly whines, "You know so much, what d'ya need me for?" He asks after "that hot chick who was working for you." Angel just shakes his head and insists that Wolfram & Hart must have an angle. Merl says "as far as I can tell, the shelter itself is strictly leeee-git." Mere bold cannot convey how annoying his whiny singsong speech pattern is. He and Darla should get together. Somewhere far, far away from me. Angel turns to leave, and Merl asks about the $100 he was promised as payment. Angel says, "I'll owe you...just make sure you use it for some new furniture." He looks around skeptically and shakes his head. "Beanbag chairs?" he tsks. Slightly amusing, mostly for the delivery on that one.

At the teen center, Anne is demonstrating her firm but compassionate character in the direction of a lowly extra who isn't permitted any lines. Anne spots Angel and greets him with, "Hey! Guy I ran over!" Angel responds, "Hey! Girl who ran over me." Names are exchanged, and Angel hands over a paper bag of donations. Anne looks inside the bag and pulls out the pink flowery piece of garbage that Cordelia wore in "Reunion." Hee! Anne questions the garment's provenance, and Angel explains, "A friend left her clothes at my place. I won't be seeing her any time soon, so I figured..." The end of that sentence is, "...that I'd do her a favor by getting rid of this, the ugliest shirt ever created." Anne nods knowingly and asks, "Ex-girlfriend?" Angel winces and moans, "God, no." Angel wishes he could do more to help the shelter, and Anne tells him, "Well, mister leather jacket, if you really want to help maybe you should consider donating some of your own clothes, or a spare gallon of mousse, or something that you weren't planning to throw out anyway, because it's not like these clothes are going to be useful. Look at this shirt! PeTA wouldn't let a dead monkey wear this shirt!" Not really. She just takes him on a tour. Is he really helping the shelter by allowing Anne to give him a guided tour of its special features? If so, I sure wish I could do more to help George Clooney.

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