Blood Money

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Blood Money

Angel trudges along the sidewalk, while a blonde carrying a large box walks toward him. A bicyclist races by, and Angel ducks out of the way and collides with the girl, who drops the box. Apologies, expressions of surprise. Mutterings among the audience as we recognize the girl as Anne, née Lily, née Chanterelle. Angel helps collect the clothes that have fallen out of the box, and Anne explains that she was hurrying to get to work. Noticing a particularly garish item, he asks, "You do clown work?" She works for the East Hills Teen Center, which apparently can afford to purchase boxes stenciled with its logo. Okay. The box is refilled. Anne departs with a "See ya around," which strikes me as on odd thing to say to someone you've literally bumped into on the street, but perhaps I'm overly formal. Later in the episode, we learn that Angel "arranged" to bump into Anne. Uh, how? It's a pretty good piece of timing. Is that Boone riding the bike? On slow-mo, it doesn't look like Boone, and more's the pity, because if it had been, I'd give the episode some extra points. Which it needs. Badly.

Angel returns to his room and pulls Anne's wallet out of his coat. His downward spiral continues: now he's a pickpocket. Angel's nose inexplicably fills the screen. Then we see that Angel has covered the table and one wall with black-and-white photographs. My god, he's worse than a pickpocket; he's becoming an interior designer! Oh, hey, those are all photos of Anne. What a coincidence. And in at least one of the photos, she's walking down the street with Lindsey. Gasp. Angel's nose-cam returns, and the credits are sneezed out. Hey, why'd Angel take her wallet when he clearly knows a lot about her already? Just to inconvenience her? So that she'll be impressed when he gives it back?

Gunn and Wesley creep through the beloved "random tunnel" set. Gunn, carrying his hubcap-axe, reminds us that they're looking for a two-headed fire-breathing monster. He says, "Right about now I wouldn't mind having --" Wesley interrupts to say that wishing Angel was there won't help them now. Gunn explains, "I was gonna say, 'some dynamite.'" Wesley considers going back for dynamite right away (from?), but then there's a menacing growl. They move forward and we see their stunned expressions as they peer around a corner. Gunn tells us that the tunnel's twenty feet high, yet the monster was crouching. Hey, I just noticed that the executive producer is one "Kelly A. Manners." She lives at Manners Manor, too! You knew I'd find a way to keep working that in, didn't you? Wesley suggests, "We'll take another look, and then we'll --" "Die!" Gunn whispers. Nevertheless, they take another look. Wesley says they should wait till the creature's back is turned. They wait, Wesley says, "Now!" and they leap out. And promptly jump back as fire blazes out toward them. Wesley fans the air while Gunn complains, "I thought she said he breathed fire!" Snicker. It's so nice when we all can be twelve together, isn't it? At this point, I think we can take it as read that this episode should not be taken seriously. They prepare themselves, and leap out again with a hearty battle cry. I'm very pleased by their decision to not actually show the monster. Perhaps they've learned a few lessons from that pathetic snake on Buffy.

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